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Morosini (Morosiniweg) Trail in Solda (Sulden)

Solda (Sulden)
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Informationen zur Tour Morosini (Morosiniweg) Trail in Solda (Sulden)

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    5:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    350 m
  • Altitude
    830 m
  • Max. height
    2677 m
This high trail runs under Mount Ortler and Gran Zebrù (Königsspitze) Peak


Ascent: From the old church in Solda (Sulden) at an elevation of 1,844 metres, head out along Trail No. 4 through the forest in moderately steep switchbacks, up towards the Tabarettahütte mountain hut, until the fork where High Trail No. 10 branches off to the left (2,145; the Tabarettahütte mountain hut is a good hour higher up); 45 minutes from Solda. High Trail: from the fork we mentioned, follow High Trail No. 10 up a slight grade, heading south across a forest, to Langenstein (2,330 m; chairlift summit station and restaurant). Continue along the high trail (now signposted No. 3), first flat and then rising steadily across the moraine of the End-der-Welt glacier, to a ridge with a rocky crag, and finally traversing scree and craggy slopes, to the Rifugio Coston (Hintergrathütte) mountain hut at the end of the high trail (2,661 m; mountain refuge that serves food); a good 2 hours from the beginning of the high trail. Descent: from the mountain hut, start out on Mountain Trail No. 2, past the site of the former Bäckmannhütte mountain hut, down towards the south and east, then continuing on Trail No. 1 down to Innersulden and Trail No. 7, and left along Solda (Suldenbach) Stream, out of the valley to the starting point; just over 2 hours from the mountain hut.

Starting point

Solda (Sulden), old church

Target point

Solda (Sulden), old church


Solda (Sulden)

Public transportation

With the Val Venosta (Vinschger Bahn) train from Merano (Meran) to Spondigna (Spondinig); from there, take the bust to Solda (Sulden)


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Horst Gamper

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