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Monte Bardia

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Informationen zur Tour Monte Bardia

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    7:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    410 m
  • Altitude
    850 m
  • Max. height
    857 m
On the ridges above Cala Gonone, with a splendid view of the sea and the interior.


From the unpaved area just beyond the road tunnel, start walking towards the Kiosk of Monte Longu on a clear dirt road. Follow some uphill hairpin bends and keep right at the junction you meet during your journey. You will pass next to the entrance of the old tunnel, in which in the past people travelled on ox carts. Then turn right again at the next fork in Bucca 'e Entu (wind door). Now point in the direction of an electric cabin, leaving the dirt road behind and proceeding on a path between small oaks mainly at high altitude or slightly uphill. The view will be widening – especially towards the interior and Monte Tului, with its typical antenna, to the south. Proceed in the north direction, keeping left at the next fork. The path goes up slowly in the direction of Monte Bardia, the whitish hill facing north. You stay high by keeping on climbing slightly, follwoing the main track on the west side of the ridge. Then start to climb steeply to the right at an altitude of about 690m, on easy rocks. You reach the ridge between radial holm oaks and sudden, very wide views, up to the summit of Monte Bardia (meaning guard, in reference to its position used for sighting Saracen pirates). Proceed north, keeping on the crest on a little marked and uncomfortable path, losing altitude – until you reach a more marked path that descends with small hairpin bends. Avoid the forks that lead west, in the direction of the Littu Woods below. Walk close to the ridge, with amazingly scenic views – ignoring any possible detour. You will encounter a mule track that – after small hairpin bends under the strawberry trees – leads to the beautifully restored hut of Monte Ruiu. From the hut there is a clear path leading to the northeast, which initially descends steeply in the open field and then through rocky gullis. Eventually, you will reach the paved carway that leads from Cala Gonone to the beach of Cartoe and the area of Littu. Turn right onto the panoramic paved road, easily descending as far as Cala Gonone.

Starting point

The area near the new tunnel Dorgali - Cala Gonone.

Target point

Mount Tului


At the area on the east side of the new tunnel Dorgali - Cala Gonone.

Public transportation

Bus service to Dorgali and Cala Gonone.


From Cala Gonone you go up the hairpin bends by car - or alternatively, on foot there are some paths that allow you to cut them in the woods. Eventually, you will reach the area opposite the entrance of the tunnel that connects Dorgali with Cala Gonone, its sea hamlet. You can park in a clear area on the right.

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Othmar Luciano

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