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Monte Alvu and Punta Sa Turrittta

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Informationen zur Tour Monte Alvu and Punta Sa Turrittta

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    3:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    230 m
  • Altitude
    230 m
  • Max. height
    277 m
A balcony over the city


Very easy path for the most part, at least to the Monte Alvu. While crossing this mountain you can learn a lot about the Mediterranean vegetation, which is represented very well around here. Along the via Su Padronu you go uphill to the first junction. You turn left and follow the forest road in very bad conditions steeply downhill. This part is the least interesting of this hike because you are forced to walk below the pillar of the bypass-road of Olbia. After having passed the pillars though you will find yourself in the midst of the shrubbery and the closeness to the city is no longer evident. Slowly ascending you will reach another junction where you turn right onto the forest road that continues to rise. Still surrounded by the bushes you continue and sometimes you will have the luck to meet some Sardinian tortoises (Testudo marginata) and Sardinian partridges. You follow the still ascending path and in the vicinity of an abandoned fenced closure with a view onto Tavolara you will reach another road, this time asphalted but a little eroded. You follow it to the left and uphill, passing an abandoned building and reaching another forest road in good conditions on the left side. Along this track you can enjoy the view of the city below while being surrounded by cistus-bushes. If you happen to do this hike in late spring, the bushes will be in the midst of their beautiful blossom. The path continues below the clear and pyramid-shaped silhouette of the Monte Alvu, a rocky peak that you can reach shortly. You follow the curve to the right and leave the path behind that you will follow later to come back. After a short time you will reach the shoulders of the rocky peak of the Monte Alvu. A short climbing path awaits and then you are on the top, seeing the rests of a watchtower for forest fires. The view is beautiful and especially the city and its position of the coast can be admired from this point. You can also come here by using your mountain bike. By feet you can now continue to the Punta Sa Turritta to the north. This last path is very difficult though, almost entirely because of the dense vegetation. If you want to continue you follow the highest points of the crest ignoring the forest roads to the right which all end very shortly after. You stick to the rocky pillar to your right and shortly you will reach the saddle little below. Following the forest path, almost entirely covered by the cistus-bushes, you will eventually turn north-east. You leave the path and follow the GPS-track, ascending through the thick cistus to the left. Thereby you will reach Punta Sa Turritta where you can enjoy the view onto the zone of Osseddu and the surrounding granite mountains. You can also see Tavolara and the Golf Aranci, as well as the beautiful beaches connecting Capo Figari with Sa Testa. Your path back follows the same road to the Monte Alvu. Here you can follow the forest path of your way there until you reach the curve below. Leaving it you can now continue via the abandoned road to the right. It goes steeply downhill and you will reach a junction you already know. Here you can take the known path back to the car.

Starting point

Via Su Padronu

Target point

Punta Sa Turritta


Gravelled open space

Public transportation

ASPO-bus to Olbia


From the bypass-road of Olbia you turn onto the via Stria and the via Stazzu Fruttuoso. You then turn onto the via su Pardonu and park your car on the gravelled open space. While doing so, make sure not to hinder the traffic.


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