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Loop through alpine pastures near Proves (Proveis)

Proves (Proveis)
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Informationen zur Tour Loop through alpine pastures near Proves (Proveis)

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    4:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    520 m
  • Altitude
    520 m
  • Max. height
    1922 m
In Alta Val di Non (Deutschnonsberg)


Start out in Proves (Proveis) at 1,420 m; approach is via a new road from Val d’Ultimo (Ultental) Valley. Follow trail markings (No. 3): you’ll begin on the access road, heading down a bit, then turn left at a street sign for Matzlaun. You’ll continue partly along the farm access road and partly along the old road up through the hamlets of Neuhaus and Matzlaun. After a short segment on the access road to Proves, head through the forest up to the Laureiner Alm alpine farm (1,728 m; serves food; 1.5 hours from Proves). From there, it’s a little way up to the crossroads. Turn left, following trail markings (No. 114), and cross the soft knoll of Sousberg Mountain (1,863 m) towards the north, mostly through the woods. The last part is a short piece along the access road, to the Castrinalm alpine hut on Hofmahdsattel Saddle (1,813 m; serves food; 1 hour from Laureiner Alm). From there, follow trail markings for No.133 through open slopes of alpine pastureland heading westward to the unstaffed Parolalm (also known as Proveiser Alm) at 1,894 m. Turn left along Trail No. 7 over a ridge and descending gently to the large alpine farm known as either Clozalm or Glazner Alm (1,732 m; serves food; 45 minutes from Castrinalm; option to descend from here). From there, it’s just a few minutes' walk west across to Revò-Alm (1,734 m, also serves food). Continue on Trail No. 6 through the forest down to Trail No. 11, which you take down to the farms and to Proves; 45 minutes from Cloz-Alm.

Starting point

Proves (Proveis)

Target point

Proves (Proveis)


Proves (Proveis)

Public transportation

Train to Lana and bus to Proves (Proveis).


Through the val d'Ultimo (Ultental) Valley to the branch of Proves (Proveis) and then to the village. 

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Horst Gamper

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