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La Val (Wengen) to Monte Croce (Kreuzspitze) Mountain

La Val
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Informationen zur Tour La Val (Wengen) to Monte Croce (Kreuzspitze) Mountain

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    3:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    460 m
  • Altitude
    460 m
  • Max. height
    2025 m
The name of this mountain clearly derives from a cross, probably already erected in ancient times by herders, long before the large wooden cross was built.


From the small parking lot just before the Gasthaus Ciurnadú tavern (approx. 1,600 m; slightly higher up, there is another larger parking area), follow Trail No. 15 and the signage for Crusc da Rit (Kreuzspitze) along a footpath through the forest up to a meadow and then continue onto a wide path through the forest to the Ritjoch notch (1,863 m, also called Ju da Rit). Then head right, along a marked footpath across a forest ridge and up the steep northern slopes of Kreuzspitze Peak, crossing over to an intersection at the edge of the Ritwiesen meadows. Turn right again at the sign for Crusc da Rit, following a path through the forest, which is nearly flat, for just a few minutes out to Kreuzspitze Peak (also known as Crusc da Rit; 2,021 m; 1.5 hours from the starting point). Then, head back to the intersection, turning right onto the wide road, and it’s a beautiful hike, mostly flat, through the Ritwiesen meadows to a flattening of the slope, then steeply down to a intersecting path above the meadows and farms. Turn right here, a bit flat a bit downhill, to an intersection with a rural road (here, you’ll find the larger parking lot mentioned before). Continue a bit further down (Ciurnadú Tavern is below the road) and back to the starting point (just under 1.5 hours from Kreuzspitze Peak).

Starting point

Near Ciurnadù Mountain Tavern

Target point

Near Ciurnadù Mountain Tavern


Parking area near Ciurnadù Mountain Tavern.

Public transportation

Take the train to San Lorenzo (St. Lorenzen) and then the bus to Pederoa and La Valle (Wengen) in Val Badia.


Through the Val Badia (Gadertal) to Pederoa, up to La Val and to the parking area near the Ciurnadù Tavern.

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