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South Tyrol, Italy

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Karneid. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful hikes.
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The 10 Most Beautiful hikes in Karneid

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Hiking trail · Fiemme Mountains
Von Welschnofen nach Birchabruck
recommended route Difficulty moderate
19.7 km
6:00 h
760 m
1,050 m
Wanderung zur Sternwarte Gummer und zu den Erdpyramiden
Atemberaubend der Blick gen Westen
Hiking trail · Dolomites
Um den Samberg und den Talt
recommended route Difficulty moderate
19.3 km
5:45 h
830 m
830 m
Wanderung vorbei an den Erdpyramiden und der Wolfsgrube
Hiking trail · Eggental
On the planetary path
Premium content Difficulty moderate
8.9 km
2:40 h
240 m
240 m
A great tour for little star researchers and future astronauts! In front of a magnificent panorama of the Dolomites, we walk through our solar system, learn lots of interesting facts about Jupiter, Saturn & Co. and also pass through a biotope.
View to Steinegg/Collepietra
Hiking trail · Eggental
Star village circular walk
recommended route Difficulty easy
6.4 km
1:57 h
300 m
300 m
Discover a lot of highlights of the Star Village Steinegg/Collepietra in a varied & family-friendly hike.
Steinegger Erdpyramiden
Hiking trail · Eggental
To the earth pyramids of Steinegg
Premium content Difficulty easy
5.3 km
2:00 h
316 m
316 m
Not far from the small mountain village of Steinegg, we discover a fascinating natural phenomenon on this circular tour.
Hiking trail · Eggental
Path of the Stars
recommended route Difficulty moderate
12.2 km
3:27 h
334 m
656 m
Discover the secrets of the universe with mascot Luxi on a hike between the star villages of Gummer | S. Valentino and Steinegg | Collepietra
Hiking trail · Eggental
Freiluftausstellung am Pstosser Bühel
recommended route Difficulty easy
0.7 km
0:20 h
88 m
1 m
Kurze Wanderung bzw angenehmer Spazierweg um den Pstosser Bühel in unmittelbarer Nähe des Zentrums von Steinegg.
Auch in Steinegg gibt es Erdpyramiden
Hiking trail · Dolomites
Auf der Schattenseite
recommended route Difficulty moderate
7.8 km
2:30 h
360 m
470 m
Wanderung von Tiers nach Steinegg
Raut-Gütl - Der Zahn der Zeit nagt an den alten Gebäuden
Hiking trail · Dolomites
Der Tierser Höfeweg
recommended route Difficulty easy
4.5 km
1:20 h
270 m
170 m
Wanderung von Tiers nach St. Kathrein
Hiking trail · Eggental
Anello Sopra Cornedo
recommended route Difficulty easy
12.9 km
4:26 h
535 m
559 m
Giro per i masi di Cornedo. https://www.sentres.com/it/escursioni/giro-dei-masi-di-cornedo
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Karneider Bienenlehrpfad by Sonnleiten Dolomiten Residence
September 27, 2019 · Community
When did you do this route? September 12, 2019
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