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From Riva onto the Monte Brione

Alto Garda
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Informationen zur Tour From Riva onto the Monte Brione

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    2:15 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    260 m
  • Altitude
    260 m
  • Max. height
    327 m
The western slope and the very steep part to the east make the Monte Brione (374 m) look like a half molten ice cream cake. A mountain to the north of the Lake Garda with a small flag (transmitter mast) on its top? Yes, and you can take that literally. At the end of the Ice Age it was completely surrounded by water. The detritus from the Sarca formed this island the way it is today over the millennia. This closeness to the Lake (making the climate extremely mild) is responsible for the unique flora. Around 500 different species are apparent, 20 different kinds of orchids and many species from the south. The western slope and its terraces are filled with olive trees. The hardly accessible slopes on the side of the Sarca are the home of the Sardinian-Warbler, the Blue Rock Trush, Rock Trush and many other birds. Butterflies flutter around the hikers on their way to the peak. The most beautiful time of the year for this biotope around the Monte Brione is the spring. The Monte Brione is not only a (small) natural paradise in the loud places around Riva and Torbole, it is also a fortress-mountain. Its strategically important position near the entrance into the Sarca valley, not far to the border of Italy was not lost to the k.u.k.-monarchy. Therefore, it was fortified very early. The oldest building, the Forte Sant’Allesandro (north) was built in 1860-1862 and later two more forts were added (Mittelbatterie, Garda). The hike to the Monte Brione can easily be connected with a walk through the small city of Riva. In the historic centre you can visit some very impressive buildings, for example the 35 m tall Torre Apponale, mentioned already in 1220 as the highest city tower or the town hall (Palazzo Municipale), which forms, together with the Palazzo Pretorio, a lovely late medieval ensemble. In the ex-fortress of the Scalinger you can today find the Museo Civico and regularly changing exhibitions.


Before you start into your adventure you can please yourself with some culture: sightseeing. After the walk through the small but dignified old city of Riva with its very narrow alley, the numerous restaurants and shops you follow the Percorso Salute. It leads from the Piazza Tre Novembre through beautiful passages with large trees, far from the loud streets and along the lake-shore, to the marina San Nicolò. The heavily frequented main road leads into the mountain and to the right you can see the fort San Nicolò above the sea. You follow the bicycle path for Torbole for a short track (sign) and turn right to use the steps leading to the Monte-Brione-road. The asphalt stays to your left and the very beautifully made path continues very steeply to the edge of the mountain. Again and again you can enjoy the view (numerous platforms) over the lake, the Sarca and the cove of Torbole. The path leads over the concrete ceiling of the fort Garda. The fort Mittelbatterie (332 m) can be visited more closely: the impressive and well sustained building can also be visited from the inside. Slightly above you will find a cross, remembering the fallen from the First World War. Via the access road you walk on and following the asphalt road you make your way back down to the lake. Either via the road or next to it you come back to the centre of Riva.

Starting point

Piazza Tre Novembre, Riva (70 m)

Target point

Piazza Tre Novembre, Riva (70 m)


Possibilities to park along the lake, new parking house near the road to Brescia

Public transportation

Bus connections


To Riva via the A22 (exits Trento Centro or Rovereto Sud – Lago di Garda Nord), via Sarche and Arco or Nago. 

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