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Fourth leg of Selvaggio Blu - From Cala Goloritzè to Portu Mudaloru

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Informationen zur Tour Fourth leg of Selvaggio Blu - From Cala Goloritzè to Portu Mudaloru

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    5:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    560 m
  • Altitude
    510 m
  • Max. height
    576 m
Overhanging ledges and ridges in the wildest leg of the route


From Cala Goloritzè go up the mule track that descends the Bacu of the same name, passing under two stones stacked together that form almost a natural arch. Immediately after, go up a small climb with a carob tree, and leave the mule track. Then turn right into a gravel widening, heading to the clear carving of Bacu Boladina that cuts through the walls on the (hydrographic) left bank of the largest channel you are walking along. You reach the point indicated and you will be in front of a small wall of about 20 m (IV, spit), which you will climb up. You will end up in a gravelly and very uncomfortable gully. Another slight ascent and you pass a second wall, using a trunk of juniper positioned for use. Then you immediately start the long ascent to Bacu Boladina, at the top of which you reach a little mentioned pass, where you turn right towards the sea. Along the trail and slightly uphill you reach the two beautiful huts of S'Arcu 'and Tasaru, continuing uphill on the above Serra Maore. Walk on the crest in a northerly direction, with beautiful views of the sea below. At the end of the ridge, a precipice with a splendid view bars the route. Here turn back a few dozen meters, identifying a path that descends westward towards the underside and impervious Bacu Mudaloru. The track descends for a few metres and bends again in a northerly direction, passing under the precipice just visited and arriving at an impervious pass barred by juniper trunks. You go over them taking to the sea side, starting a steep descent on an unstable scree. Then take an overhanging ledge that goes north and again descent on unsteady rocks – where sometimes it is appropriate to use a rope. At the end of the dangerous descent you reach the edge of the walls and you will find an abseil anchor system of about 18 meters, in the void. You land in a wide ledge that you follow northwards, a few meters above the sea, passing under a huge grotto with abundant dripping. At its exit you will see another small large reddish grotto. Walk under the walls, taking a narrow ledge that climbs diagonally, with aerial passage. You will skirt the high edge and end up into the final stretch of Bacu Mudaloru. A small gravel leads down to the sea in the cove – created from a landslide in 2008-, where you can make camp.

Starting point

Cala Goloritzè

Target point

Portu Mudaloru


Public transportation


Through the third leg of the Selvaggio Blu or by sea to Cala Goloritzè. Alternatively along the route from Su Porteddu to Cala Goloritzè.

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