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First leg of Selvaggio Blu

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Informationen zur Tour First leg of Selvaggio Blu

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    4:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    660 m
  • Altitude
    60 m
  • Max. height
    655 m
Through an aerial mule track of charcoal burners, suspended over the sea.


From the square in front of the Pedra Longa natural monument and the restaurant with the same name, go up a hairpin bend, and you will see on your right the beginning of a well-marked, small path, going north. Take it, and you will find yourself immediately in an aerial environment on a track cutting through ardouous screes hanging over the sea. Cross a small gate (close it behind you), walking down on the wide plain of Forrola at the foot of high walls. The main path is well marked, between large carob trees and a stubborn scrub, and goes slightly up in the direction of the clear edge of Punta Giradili. Then continue at high altitude through Su Riu Mortu – the only waterway you will find on route. Follow the – now slimmer - path,  keeping an eye on the left until you find a steep track, which is signposted by blue signs and quickly climbs up to Punta Giradili. The track climbs rapidly, zigzagging on screes and alluvial grooves that have destroyed the pre-existing mule track of the charcoal burners. You will reach a rocky gully to be walked up laboriously, going under the high walls of Giradili and gaining a wide ledge between the junipers, with extraordinary views of Pedra Longa and the Gulf of Arbatax. The ledge narrows until it becomes a slender walkway, which was  adjusted with retaining – and at times imposing - walls by charcoal makers in the 1800s. It is the most spectacular part of the itinerary. Go uphill under the wall, in the direction of Coile Us Piggius. After a fence (close it behind you) you will pass the sheepfold, proceeding uphill and reaching a widening. Here people make camp.

Starting point

Pedra Longa

Target point

Coile Us Piggius


Pedra Longa or Santa Maria Navarrese, if you have reached this far following the itinerary.

Public transportation



Follow the SS 125 between Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese, turning into the paved road following the signs for Pedra Longa. Continue downhill until the widening at the end of the road.

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