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Dorgali - Galleria Vecchia

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Informationen zur Tour Dorgali - Galleria Vecchia

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    1:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    110 m
  • Altitude
    110 m
  • Max. height
    564 m
A simple path to get closer to the mountains of Dorgali, testimony to an important past.


From the town of Dorgali you can reach the upstream ring road, just under the pinewood of an area known as S'Atta Ruia. Head south on the paved road until it begins to descend, and you will see a paved uphill detour on the left – on the upstream side of the road – where the Old Gallery is signposted. Climb up the little road that follows the ancient cart track from Dorgali to the hamlet of Cala Gonone. It was the only road axis that allowed to easily reach the seaside resort. As you proceed, the view opens out into the Oddoene valley and the interior of the Supramontes. You will reach a rocky wall the road leads to straight on – this is where, in 1860, the excavation of the Old Gallery was completed. This old excavation was one of the first of its kind to be carried out in Sardinia. On the bottom of that track you will see the marks of the cart wheels, while on the vault those of the explosives used to open up the passage. At the exit, you are on the east side of the limestone ridge that separates the town of Dorgali from the sea. Proceed along a dirt road to the left, uphill, then walk down a wide bend, close to the ridge line in Bucca 'e Entu. Here you turn right again uphill towards some holm oaks. You will be under the cables of an electric line – follow the road for a few tens of meters, with beautiful views of Cala Gonone and the sea, to get near a transformer. Right on the left, overlooking the ridge in a westerly direction towards Dorgali, you will see a few signals indicating the bottom of the Omine Staircase. This was the oldest passage to the gallery – a path dug between the walls of the mountain on bare stone. Take it, following the very clear route, with a splendid view of the valley below. Continue down a steep slope until you reconnect to the paved road you previously travelled on to reach the old gallery – a few tens of meters from the gallery. Turning to the right you will be back on the known road without any further ado to Dorgali.

Starting point


Target point

Galleria vecchia - Dorgali


Upstream ring road of Dorgali

Public transportation

Public bus service to Dorgali



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