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Crossing the Gherdenacia Plateau

Badia (Abtei)
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Informationen zur Tour Crossing the Gherdenacia Plateau

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    7:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1250 m
  • Altitude
    1250 m
  • Max. height
    2656 m
The Gardenacia Plateau is one of the strangest of the Dolomite landscapes: it is bleached-bone coloured desert of rock. This trail leads over the vast plateau along but a few marked trails. The Gardenaciahütte mountain hut is located on the eastern face of the mountain; Rifugio Puez (Púez Hütte) on the western edge.


Ascent: From Stern in Val Badia (Gadertal) Valley (1,477 m), stay with Trail No. 11, first briefly in a grassland area and then in the woods, mostly a moderate grade but with a steep ravine in the upper part, to the Gardenaciahütte mountain hut, which is situated on the edge of the forest (2,045 m; operating in summer; a good hour from Stern). Continue on Trail No. 11 through a boulder-strewn grassy area towards the west, up to Trail No. 15, which branches off to the left (2,300 m). Follow this moderately steep trail, which is rocky in some areas and grassy terrain in others, up to Gardenacia Pass (2,543 m); 3 hours from Stern.  High Trail: From Gardenacia Pass, continue following Trail No. 15 along a more or less flat hike through the vast rocky desert of the Gardenacia (check carefully for markings, as there is no trail in some places) and then northwest, easily across to Rifugio Puez (Puezhütte) mountain refuge on the western edge of the plateau (2,475 m, operating in summer; about 1.5 hours from Gardenacia Pass). From the refuge, follow Trail No. 11 in northeast, slightly ascending, crossing partly stony, partly rocky terrain to a junction at the southern foot of Ciampani Mountain (2,663 m); a good 2 hours from Gardenacia Pass. Descent: From the southern foot of Ciampani Mountain, continue following Trail No. 11 through a long, straight little rocky valley, southeast in a mostly medium-steep descent to the Gardenaciahütte mountain hut and either as in the ascent along Trail No. 11 or on the somewhat longer but for the most part less steep Trail No. 2 and 15 to Stern; a good 2 hours from the southern foot of Ciampani.

Starting point

La Villa (Stern)

Target point

La Villa (Stern)


La Villa (Stern)

Public transportation

Take the train to San Lorenzo ( St. Lorenzen) and then on the bus to La Villa (Stern); or take the train to Ponte Gardena (Waidbruck) and the bus to La Villa.


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