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Coile Piddi - Cala Sisine

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Informationen zur Tour Coile Piddi - Cala Sisine

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    210 m
  • Altitude
    580 m
  • Max. height
    369 m
Through large woods, between large walls


From Coile Piddi we go back south, leaving the goats' enclosure to the right. On the left, towards the sea, you will spot a path downhill among the limestone (some signs in blue paint, faded). Continue downhill, skirting a small wall that closes a small rocky amphitheatre – reaching a slit in the rock, known as Sa Nurca. Just beyond the slit, on the sea, a steep rocky terrace offers a priceless view of the underlying Cala Biriala. Follow the entire narrow rocky slit – one of the most famous passages of the entire Selvaggio Blu-, keeping to the left at the exit under a protruding yellowish wallz. Soon you will reach the edge of a rocky point over the large Biriala wood. Two descents are made in rapid succession (25m, 50m), at the base of which you go down steeply towards the sea to a large threshing floor of charcoal burners. Turn left (North) along a clear path in the middle of the wood, with small ups and downs, which you follow paying attention to the stones in the trail forks and the piles of rocks signposting the track. Eventually, you will come out on a rocky ridge dividing the – already passed  large forest from that of the Isuiles. A passage created by coalmen in remote times allows access through narrow bends built with imposing terraces of dry stone. The – now steeper - forest is crossed again on a track that cuts across the slope, leading under the high walls with sudden glimpses of the sea. Suddenly you reach a high precipitous corner where the coalmen carved the spectacular passage into the rock. Continue uphill, passing under a reddish grotto and entering the forest of Orronnoro. The trail follows a few steps under the holm oaks, and ends up in a landscape devastated by the huge landslide of 2015. You cross the landslide wasteland, following faded traces and a few piles of rocks, in a threatening but unique environment. Finally you return under the high walls, reaching a rock wall that blocks the path. You cross a small crossroads, and then up a short climb to reach a suspended basin. Then another climb (15 metres, IV, with a metal chain and spit) to reach a wide wooded, wide terrace crossing diagonally towards the high walls of Punta Plumare. This takes you to the edge of a 45-metre-high double-barrelled road that leads to the last forest of the day, Plumare. From the base of the abseil you take directly to the north, crossing mainly at altitude under the forest, on a stony and not always easy path. Then you reach another abseil (18 m), finally with a view of Cala Sisine. The abseil ends near a white grotto where you can see an old sheepfold. A path well marked in the woods descends quickly to the beach, where the Selvaggio Blu ends. From here you can return by sea to the port of destination or, by land, continue to Cala Luna and Cala Fuili. Or again, always on foot, return to the Codula Sisine – you can get here with an off-road vehiclehere after a 45 min walk.

Starting point

Coile Piddi

Target point

Cala Sisine


Public transportation

Public bus service to Cala Gonone, Santa Maria Navarrese or Baunei.


Through the fifth leg of the Selvaggio Blu, or on foot from the path that leads from Ololbitzi to Cala Biriala passing through Coile Piddi.


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