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Cala Gonone - Cala Cartoe

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Informationen zur Tour Cala Gonone - Cala Cartoe

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    7:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    150 m
  • Altitude
    270 m
  • Max. height
    226 m
On an arduous and hidden path to one of the pearls of the Gulf


From the small port of Cala Gonone you can reach the Gustui district along via Marco Polo or via Codula 'e Gustui, on a steep climb. Leaving the last houses behind, you will reach a paved road that goes up towards Mount Ghirveri, looming on the tourist village from the north. Near a wide bend going left, you will leave the paved road behind and take a narrow dirt road overlooking the sea, with a splendid view of the southern and wildest part of the Gulf of Orosei. The dirt road initially crosses a basaltic area, then back on to limestone – always at high altitude. It winds along narrow, precipitous valleys from the mountain above, all the way to a large clearing after passing the rocky walls of Margheddie. From the clearing there are two paths – take the one on the right, keeping mostly at high altitude, with small ups and downs in the juniper forest and on a difficult and stony ground, but always with beautiful views of the sea. Finally, you will reach a plateau at an altitude of 145m, where you will find a fork in the lentisk vegetation. There turn right, starting a steep descent into a rocky and arduous channel, sometimes helping yourself on your hands and some iron steps in the rock. You finally reach the rocky beach, then take left on the flat, following an easy path a few meters above the sea. After passing Cala 'e sa Chera – also known as Cartoeddu – the trail widens and finally reaches Cala Cartoe. On your way back follow the same track – if you have a car in the parking lot behind the beach, you can go down the paved road.

Starting point

Cala Gonone

Target point

Cala Cartoe


Town of Cala Gonone

Public transportation

Public bus service to Cala Gonone


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