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Cala Biriala

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Informationen zur Tour Cala Biriala

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    5:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    430 m
  • Altitude
    430 m
  • Max. height
    366 m
Through shepherds' stairs suspended in the void towards a picturesque cove


From Ololbitzi parking lot take the dirt road leading in the north direction to the homonymous lake. As soon as the road bends in the direction of the shephards' buildings, leave it and take a clear path on the right (signposted). Proceed uphill with beautiful views of the sea and Bruncu Urele to the south, along a couple of small bends. At the top of these you will find a junction in a small widening (370 meters high), where you turn right. You descend slightly, then take a beautiful and open mule track. At another crossroads, turn right onto the mule track until you reach a gravel-bed stream called Irove Piddi. Turn right, slightly downhill, at the bottom of the gully and then on a greyish ledge towards the sea – always on a clear path (taking left at Irove Piddi you would reach the homonymous hill). At the end of the small ledge, the trail emerges into a – difficult and scenic - furrowed field, cutting it across in a southeasterly direction. Here you will spot a aerial footbridge made of juniper trunks to be treaded carefully. Then go down on an easy wall – always with the help of trunks of juniper. Go down a stony gully, keeping to the left and looking down on the woods overlooking Cala Biriala. Go down an overhanging metal staircase which has taken the place of the original shephards' juniper artifact. Then cross under the wall to narrow but fairly easy ledges. Descend steeply into another small gully - subject to landslides -, finally reaching the woods. You will initially cross the woods north and then gradually bend towards the sea, descending in both cases. You leave the trees on a crest full of stunted junipers on gravelly and unsteady rock. Follow a faded track that finally leads to the sea rocks. Turn left towards the beach, passing under a hole in the rock and finally accessing the beach, known in Baunei as Billariccoro. On your way back you go by the same road as the outward journey.

Starting point


Target point



Dirt clearing near Ololbitzi

Public transportation

Bus service to Baunei


From the village of Baunei follow the signs for Golgo and the ravine of Su Sterru. Follow the road until the asphalted bit ends, and continue straight ahead in the direction of San Pietro country church. Continue on the unpaved road that leads to the Codula di Sisine (on the right arriving at the sanctuary, in the direction of travel). You will pass near the Nuraghe Orgoduri hidden among large holm oaks (marked with wooden signs), and then beyond the signs - always on the right (East) - indicating P.ta Ispuligigi or Ispuligidenie. Continue for a long stretch on the dirt road, descending progressively for 4.8 km, until you reach a village called Ololbitzi, where you turn right following some faded signs. Here park in a wide square on the right of the road, where you will find a large, circular water tank.

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Othmar Luciano

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