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Around Passo delle Coronelle (Tschagerjoch) Pass

Nova Levante (Welschnofen)
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Informationen zur Tour Around Passo delle Coronelle (Tschagerjoch) Pass

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    6:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    640 m
  • Altitude
    1800 m
  • Max. height
    2610 m
The long and challenging ascent from Frommeralm Mountain Pasture in Eggental Valley first leads up to Passo delle Coronelle/Tschagerjoch Pass and into the unique landscape of Vaiolet Valley. The subsequent crossing of the Passo del Principe/Grasleiten Pass and the long descent into Valletta Ciamin/Tschamintal Valley add up to an unforgettable mountain experience.


From the Frommer Alm alpine pasture (1,743 m), near the road connecting the Nigra (Niger) Pass and Passo di Costalunga (Karer Pass), which is served by a bus line: a chair lift takes you right up to the Rifugio Fronza (Kölner Hütte) mountain inn (2,339 m).  This inn boasts a unique view of the surrounding valleys and the Sciliar (Schlern) Massif. Right behind it, a trail marked M 550 and 542 takes you across a ridge in about 15 minutes; parts of it are secured with a steel rope. At the upcoming junction, opt for the steep climb to Passo delle Coronelle (Tschagerjoch) Pass (2,635 m), a well-frequented transition point into Vaiolet Valley. Once the pass is reached, Trail No. 541 offers an easy hike to the Vaiolet and Preuss mountain inns  (2,243 m). From here, follow Trail No. 584 towards Passo del Principe (Grassleiten) Pass  at 2,600 metres, where the long descent begins: first, down through a wide rocky arena to Grasleiten Alpine Pasture (2,137 m) and finally down into romantic Valletta Ciamin (Tschamintal) Valley. In order to get back to the starting point, Frommer Alm, or Bolzano, take the bus in San Cipriano (St. Zyprian).

Starting point

The Frommer Alm alpine farm

Target point

San Cipriano (St. Zyprian)


Frommer Alm Alpine Pasture

Public transportation

Bus line from Bolzano (Bozen) to Passo Costalunga (Karerpass) via Tires (Tiers) and Passo Nigra (Niger) Pass.


Through the Val d'Ega (Eggental) in direction of the Passo Costalunga (Karerpass), below the pass turn to the Frommeralm. 

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Horst Gamper

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