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Alta Via di Fanes (Fanes- Höhenweg) High Trail

La Val
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Informationen zur Tour Alta Via di Fanes (Fanes- Höhenweg) High Trail

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    7:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    1400 m
  • Altitude
    1400 m
  • Max. height
    2602 m
Through to the sunny slopes of the vast mounain basin, from Antonijoch to Kreuzkofeljoch.


Ascent: Start off at the hamlet of Spëscia at the head of La Valle (Wengen) Valley, at 1,528 m; parking area; approach on the road from Pederoa in Val Badia (Gadertal) Valley. Begin on an access road, then follow Trail No. 13 through the Val di Fanes (Fanestal) Valley, in moderately steep ascent, up to the tree line and then increasingly steeper through a wide scree basin, often filled with snow, up to the Antonijoch Pass (also Fanesjoch, 2,466 m), between Cime Nove (Neuner Spitze) Peak on the right and Piz de Sant Antone (Antonispitze) Peak on the left; 2.5 hours from Spëscia. High Trail: from the pass, continue on Trail No. 13 on the south side, across rocky pastureland and down to about 2,150 metres in altitude. Above the Lavarellahütte mountain hut (2,042 m, near which you’ll find the Faneshütte mountain hut), take Trail No. 7, which represents the actual high trail, branching off to the right. From there, you start off with a slight ascent and then a nearly flat, beautiful hike under the striking rock formations of Sasso delle Dieci (Zehner) Peak through to a junction (to the left, Trail No. 12 goes to Stern). Continue following Trail No. 7, again to the right, and there is a final easy ascent to Passo Pommo (Kreuzkofeljoch) Pass at 2,609 metres; 2.5 hours from Antonijoch Pass. Descent: from the pass, on a partially secured trail down the steep rocky slope, go diagonally to the right, and then over scree and through some Krummholz (knee timber) formations to Santa Croce (Heiligkreuz), a pilgrimage church and mountain refuge (2,045 m; operating in summer; 1 hour from the pass). From there, follow Trail No. 15 north, almost flat at first, to the meadowy knoll called Col de Tramesc (2038 m). Turn right at the junction and cross the Armentara pastures. Then head through the woods, staying with markings for No. 15, and follow the Stations of the Cross, mostly in easy descent, along the long hike back to the starting point; 2.5 hours from Passo Poma.

Starting point

The hamlet of Spescia

Target point

The hamlet of Spescia


Sure-footedness required.


The hamlet of Spescia

Public transportation

Take the train to San Lorenzo ( St. Lorenzen) and then on the bus to Peredoa (Peredü) and Wengen in Val Badia (Gadertal) Valley.


Through the Val Pusteria (Pustertal) Valley to San Lorenzo (St. Lorenzen), then turn into the Val Badia (Gadertal) Valley and then through Pederoa to La Val.

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Horst Gamper

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