Family holidays in Bellinzona and Valleys

Ticino, Switzerland

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Everything you need for the perfect family vacation in Bellinzona and Valleys! Sights, leisure activities and accommodation for the whole family await you on this page. We've also collected a number of insider tips for families with smaller children. Have fun exploring!
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Maps and trails

Great places to visit with the family in Bellinzona and Valleys

Albergo San Gottardo
Inn · Bellinzona and Valleys
Gotthard Hospiz
Hinauf zur Alpe Campolungo
Natural Monument · Bellinzona and Valleys
Alpe Campolungo
Die Alpe Campolungo ist eine Hochfläche oberhalb des Lago Tremorgio in den Tessiner Alpen.
Fortress · Bellinzona and Valleys
Castelgrande and the wall
The Fortress of Bellinzona is the largest and the only example of a defensive structure still visible in Europe consisting of several castles and a large defensive wall. Originally built by the Dukes of Milan as a defense against Confederate invasion, it blocked the entire Ticino Valley northwards.
Blick auf den Lago Tremorgio
Lake · Bellinzona and Valleys
Lago Tremorgio
Der Lago Tremorgio ist ein Bergsee in den Tessiner Alpen, er liegt auf 1851 m. Dank der guten Anbindung mit der Bergbahn von Rodi-Fiesso aus, ist der See und die benachbarte Schutzhütte Campanna di Tremorgio beliebte Ausflugsziele für Wanderer.  
Capanna Bovarina
Serviced Hut · Adula Group
Capanna Bovarina
Am Brenno
Viewpoint · Bellinzona and Valleys
Alp Casaccia
Restaurant · Bellinzona and Valleys
Hotel Restaurant Algiardinetto Biasca
Gemütliches Tessiner Restaurant
Serviced Hut · Gotthard Group
Capanna Cadlimo CAS
Serviced Hut · Ticino Alps
Capanna Campo Tencia CAS
Pro Natura Zentrum Lucomagno.
Info Center · Ticino
Centro Pro Natura Lucomagno

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