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Appiano (Eppan)
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Appiano (Eppan)

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  • Representation of death in the St. John's Chapel of the Dominican church in Bolzano
    Churches & Abbeys

    The Dominican Church

    Bolzano (Bozen)
  • The St. Verena church sits on a hill high above the Valle Isarco
    Churches & Abbeys

    St Verena church

    Renon - Ritten
  • St. Jacob on the plateau of Salten
    Churches & Abbeys

    St Jakob auf Langfenn

    Meltina (Mölten)
  • St. Peter is the oldest religious building in South Tyrol.<br />  &nbsp;
    Churches & Abbeys

    Ruins of St Peter

    Caldaro (Kaltern)
  • The city center of Bolzano with the Maria Assunta Cathedral.
    Churches & Abbeys

    The Maria Assunta Cathedral

    Bolzano (Bozen)
  • The Romanesque church of St. Jakob in Kastelaz holds one of the oldest frescoes of the German language area.
    Churches & Abbeys

    San Giacomo in Castelaz

    Termeno (Tramin)
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Informationen zu Gleifkirche

The Gleifkirche towers over Eppan, standing on a green hill and partly hidden by bushes. It marks the end of the Passionsweg (Passion Path) leading up the Kalvarienberg, also called Gleifhügel. From the church, you can enjoy a stunning view of the village.

Construction work on the Gleifkirche started in 1716, and the church is dedicated to the Dolorous Mother. Two small dome towers on the facade give this place of worship its distinctive look. The inside of the church features a groined vault and stucco decorations.

The two dome towers of the Gleifkirche look down from the hill of the same name.

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