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Natural pool in Gargazzone

Gargazon Gargazzone , Bahnhofstraße 37 Via Stazione
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Natural pool in Gargazzone

Gargazon Gargazzone , Bahnhofstraße 37 Via Stazione

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Informationen zu Natural pool in Gargazzone

Little builders carrying buckets and spades play happily in the non-swimming area which resembles a natural stream. Little mermaids love to watch the crowds of nymphs along the shore of the big bathing pond and wonder whether or not to dive in, hurtling down the long slide.

The only natural public swimming pool in the Western part of Alto Adige stretches over 2,200 m² and provides pure fun for those who love swimming. While the children are busy collecting pebbles and argue about the best place to build a new dam, their parents can soak up the sun along with the other bathers on the extensive lawn, appreciating how easy to find your way around the resort. The swimming resort, unique of its kind, is an eco-system able to function independently. The plant regeneration area, next to the swimming area, is lush with aquatic and native lagoon plants which purify the water naturally without the need for chlorine or chemical additives.

The water supply via the extraction groundwater well provides oxygen, keeping the temperature levels constant and offering the same sensation as when, on a summer afternoon, you dip your feet in the cold clear waters of a stream and then massage them on the hot pebbles of the shore.

The joyful laughter and voices of the children that argue over the biggest or most beautiful stone will bring you back down to earth. We quietly thank this small village for their farsightedness in embarking, despite people saying it wouldn’t succeed, on this eco-friendly project which offers both adults and children moments of pure excitement and fun and… in the true sense of the word.

The natural pool in Gargazzone is a true paradise for the whole family, a haven of tranquillity, nestling among the apple orchards of the Adige Valley.