Fortresses in Savoie

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

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Youll find yourself spoiled for choice when organizing your stay {4}. To help you, we have put together an overview of the most beautiful places to visit and attractions.
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The 10 Most Beautiful fortresses in Savoie

The Marie-Thérèse Redoubt, with its horseshoe-shaped entrance, in Avrieux, barrier de l'Esseillon
Fortress · Rhône-Alpes
Marie-Thérèse Castle
Discover a unique place on the fortified alpine heritage. On the programme: guided tours, treasure hunts for children, escape game, souvenir shop. Educational workshops for schools.
Fortress · Rhône-Alpes
Esseillon forts
Erected between 1817 and 1834 to counter potential threats from the French, the Esseillon barrier consisted of 5 forts built at intervals between the villages of Aussois and Avrieux.
Esseillon Forts Barrier
Fortress · Haute-Maurienne-Vanoise
The Esseillon forts
Classified Historic Monument. Built in the early 19th century by the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia, the strong bear the names of the royal family: Victor-Emmanuel, Marie-Thérèse, Marie-Christine, Charles-Albert and Charles-Felix.
Fortress · Rhône-Alpes
Fort de Ronce at the Lac du Mont-Cenis
From 1861, the priorities for Italy were unity and defence of the realm, which is why they built a number of forts on Mont-Cenis including the Ronce. Built at an altitude of 2286 m, it offers stunning views over the Mont-Cenis lake.
Le Fort de Variselle, au-dessus du lac du Mont Cenis, à Val Cenis-Lanslebourg
Fortress · Haute-Maurienne-Vanoise
Fort de Variselle
The fort of Variselle lays at 2118m altitude. You will be conquered by its panorama (view over the lake, the Signal du Grand Mont-Cenis, la pointe de Ronce...)
Fortress · Rhône-Alpes
Fort Victor-Emmanuel
Eight buildings follow one another on the side of the rock: places of life and combat, they still intimidate.
Le fort du Mont Froid à Val Cenis-Sollières
Fortress · Haute-Maurienne-Vanoise
Fort du Mont-Froid
Tragic military site, witness of French and Piemont revolutionary battles in 1794, and French and German Chasseurs Alpins in Aparil 1945. Ruins, relicts of forts and memorial cross. Fortification accessible by day hike.
Fortress · Rhône-Alpes
Fort Marie-Christine
Formerly at the heart of the Savoy defensive system, this imposing fort welcomes tourists and foodies.
Barrière de l'Esseillon à Aussois
Fortress · Rhône-Alpes
Fort Charles Albert
Fort Charles Albert is one of the five Sardinian forts that make up the Esseillon barrier and bear the names of the sovereigns of the Savoy family.
Fortress · Rhône-Alpes
Fort Charles Félix
Beware, romance! The charm of the ruins and the beauty of the site are bound to inspire you.
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