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Tribulaun Lodge

Gossensass Colle Isarco, Pflersch Fleres
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Tribulaun Lodge

Gossensass Colle Isarco, Pflersch Fleres

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Informationen zu Tribulaun Lodge

Welcome to Tribulaun Lodge at the rear of Val di Fleres. Built in1892, the lodge was entrusted to the newly-founded section of the "CAI Vipiteno" (Vipiteno Italian Alpine Club) in 1949; it was then renovated and extended in 1953. For the past several years the Eisendle family has passionately taken care of the lodge and of the visitors and hikers who stop there.

Opening hours: from 1st July to 30th September booking is advised!


Tribulaun Lodge is an ideal base for climbers and mountaineers both before their climb to the summit and as overnight accommodation, or for those who wish to have a relaxing holiday and enjoy the fantastic view. Tasty mountain dishes are served with refreshing drinks. Treat yourself in the heart of the mountains!

The Tribulaun Lodge can be reached in several ways, by simple paths or more difficult ones. Perhaps the best way to reach the lodge is by the Fleres trail which is, however, only advised for surefooted mountaineers, as many sections of the trail are narrow and exposed. Since 2011, there has been an easier via ferrata (an “iron path”) leading to the lodge, that is used more frequently by visitors.

In the morning, depart from Tribulaun Lodge after a fortifying breakfast, walking towards the Magdeburgo lodge or the Schneetalscharte mountain pass, or even following the Fleres trail. Climbers can challenge themselves on the difficult paths up to the peak of Tribulaun. The possibilities are endless! The management are available to give helpful advice to lodge guests.

Opening Hours
8:00 – 18:00
8:00 – 18:00
8:00 – 18:00
8:00 – 18:00
8:00 – 18:00
8:00 – 18:00
8:00 – 18:00

Please mind our company holidays during:

01-10-2018 - 28-06-2019

Tribulaun Lodge stands in the rear part of Val di Fleres, at an altitude of 2,369 metres, in the shadow of the mountain with the same name.


Tribulaun Lodge also offers bedrooms to hikers and to those who want to have an active holiday. Clean, comfortable dormitories with bunk beds provide a total of 19 beds for a peaceful sleep. Tribulaun Lodge is the perfect starting point for guided hikes. Checked bed linen and wooden furniture give the rooms a welcoming ambience.
Dormitories with mattresses on the ground are also available for visitors to sleep on overnight. 18 of these beds are often available and are often used. To use these, visitors must bring their own sleeping bag! Finally, the communal bathrooms are equipped with toilet facilities and showers. 

Sweet dreams


Here among the mountains, the management and the lodge staff will help you to discover delicious foods. Typical mountain dishes from Alto Adige feed hungry guests and allow them to recharge their batteries; for example, home-made ravioli, gnocchi with cheese and speck or macaroni “alla pastora”Home-made cakes are also available!
Out in the sunshine, you can enjoy the food and a spectacular view, while inside the lodge you can warm up in the company of the other guests. 

The best of mountain cuisine