• Autumn in Corrèze
    Autumn in Corrèze Photo: Malika Turin, CC BY, Corrèze Tourisme
  • Village of Turenne in Corrèze
    Village of Turenne in Corrèze Photo: Grégory Rohart, Corrèze Tourisme
  • Landscape of Corrèze
    Landscape of Corrèze Photo: Grégory Rohart, Corrèze Tourisme
  • Cyclists in Corrèze Photo: Romann Ramshorn, Corrèze Tourisme
  • Trail routes in Corrèze Photo: Franck Cordier, Corrèze Tourisme


Do you have the soul of an adventurer, do you like to take time out and recharge your batteries in the heart of a mysterious and wild nature?

The Corrèze is a land of outdoor activities par excellence. Get away from it all and discover unusual places: a change of scenery is guaranteed at the turn of every path and every circuit!

On foot or by bike, the Corrèze is made up of astonishing hikes, unique walks and singular paths, but shhhh! Let's preserve them, let's keep them secret!

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Attractions in Corrèze


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Maps and trails
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 57.8 km
Duration 5:00 h
Ascent 548 m
Descent 548 m

58 km to discover a territory with a rich natural, architectural and gastronomic heritage!  

from Corrèze Tourisme,   Corrèze Tourisme
recommended route Difficulty difficult
Distance 114.1 km
Duration 14:28 h
Ascent 2,762 m
Descent 2,762 m

<The tour links three villages classified among the most beautiful in France: Turenne, Collonges la Rouge and Curemonte!

from Corrèze Tourisme,   Communauté de Communes Midi Corrézien
Map / Stage 6: from Lac du Chammet to Bugeat - Corrèze
recommended route Difficulty moderate Stage 6
Distance 28.1 km
Duration 1:32 h
Ascent 288 m
Descent 306 m

You start the Corrézienne part of the Véloroute 87 from the Chaummet lake, situated on the border of the Creuse and Corréze departments.

from Juliette Blavoux,   Outdooractive Editors
Map / Stage 7: from Bugeat to Vitrac-sur-Montane
recommended route Difficulty moderate Stage 7
Distance 42.9 km
Duration 2:36 h
Ascent 493 m
Descent 615 m

From the Millevaches plateau to the Tulle region, this Véloute 87 tape offers you discoveries, curiosities and unusual places.

from Juliette Blavoux,   Outdooractive Editors
Map / Stage 8: from Vitrac-sur-Montane to Argentat-sur-Dordogne - Corrèze
recommended route Difficulty moderate Stage 8
Distance 43.4 km
Duration 2:41 h
Ascent 333 m
Descent 734 m

Each kilometre of this hilly stretch of the Véloroute 87 offers curiosities and unusual places. From the immense horizons of the Plateau de ...

from Juliette Blavoux,   Outdooractive Editors
Map / Stage 9: Argentat-sur-Dordogne to Liourdes - Corrèze
recommended route Difficulty easy Stage 9
Distance 34.1 km
Duration 2:01 h
Ascent 131 m
Descent 191 m

From the picturesque quays on the Dordogne to Argentat to the medieval town of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, with its truly regional character, the ...

from Juliette Blavoux,   Outdooractive Editors
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 18 km
Duration 2:00 h
Ascent 27 m
Descent 66 m

The greenway links Aubazine station with St-Pantal de Larche along the river, in Corrèze valley.

Corrèze Tourisme
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Maps and trails

Corrèze: a destination with spectacular nature

Get inspired by the wonderful nature here!

In Corrèze, unique natural sites and gardens, lakes and refreshing waterfalls, breathtaking gorges, forests with bewitching scents and thousands of paths to walk in the heart of thousand-year-old landscapes will surprise and charm you. You can live in magical moments, breathe freely and cut yourself off from the world during your stay.

From the Millevaches plateau in the north of the department to the Causse Correzien in the south, from the Dordogne valley, classified as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, to the Monédières and the Vézère valley in the west... the beauty of Correze is readily apparent! 

Water is omnipresent. Discover the attractive waterfalls of Gimel, of course, or the more confidential ones of Murel or Tine. Dive into the lakes with the Blue Flag label, a guarantee of quality water. Stroll along the paths along the rivers and streams, cross them thanks to the medieval bridges and the emblematic plank bridges.

Corrèze is also a place of breathtaking views, belvederes overlooking the Dordogne gorges, a panoramic tower, and spots with 360-degree views...

But, above all, the recent distinction of International Starry Sky Reserve for the Regional Natural Park of Millevaches, which rewards the exceptional quality of the night sky and commits the territories to carry out actions to reduce light pollution. Here, you are in the best condition to observe the sky!

Correzian cuisine: the taste of the real thing!

Red and rosé local wine, mulled wine, potato millassous, stuffed ceps, farcidures, tourtous, morels, chanterelles and truffles accompany tasty meats and freshwater fish (trout, pike, pike-perch...).

In addition to all this, there are flavored desserts such as 'flognarde', 'clafoutis', and liqueurs made from walnuts, blueberries, and raspberries... 

All these local products combine perfectly to create our generous recipes, ideal for recharging your batteries after an active day!

Don't miss: brilliant local markets to find seasonal products directly from producer to consumer! Stroll between the stalls, taste chestnuts, mushrooms, truffles, cheeses, fruits and vegetables of autumn...

And to link sport with gastronomy, tours have been specially designed to awaken the taste buds: cheese in Xaintrie, dandelion and walnut products in the Midi Corrézien at Lou Pé dé Grill (Curemonte), as well as a walnut oil mill La Vie Conté (Ligneyrac), wild blueberries in the Monédières... the choice is yours!

The most beautiful villages of France in Corrèze
Video: Corrèze Tourisme - Agence de Développement Touristique

A land of heritage

A unique heritage! Enchanting villages with incomparable charm, mysterious castles where each stone tells a story, unforgettable encounters, true moments shared... In Corrèze, everything inspires us.

Travel back in time through the different eras and architectural styles. Beauty and originality will be the key word!

Visit the 6 'Most Beautiful Villages of France'. The cradle of this national label is located in Corrèze, in Collonges-la-Rouge! Villages of character, perched villages...

Find hidden treasures hidden in sites like Aubazine, Gimel-les-Cascades, and the timeless village of Clédat. Visit extraordinary castles like Val, Ventadour or the Towers of Merle...

Amazing sites such as the Rochers Noirs viaduct spanning the Luzège, which enabled the Transcorrézien train to travel; the Travassac slate quarry, an open-air slate quarry... which has a link with Mont Saint-Michel (the roof of its abbey is covered in Travassac slate), Pompadour, named after the famous marquise, a favourite of King Louis XV, who set up his private stud farm there before becoming the National Stud.

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Destinations in Corrèze


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