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Veneto, Italy

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Vicenza. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful cycle routes.
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The 10 Most Beautiful cycle routes in Vicenza

Etappe 4: Via del Pan, Blick auf den Fedaia Stausee
MTB Transalp · Achensee
ZIllertal DOlomiten LAgorai PAsubio RIva
recommended route Difficulty S3 difficult
452.4 km
41:00 h
11,230 m
15,880 m
Diese Transalp Route startet in Jenbach und führt durch das Zillertal, durch die Dolomiten, die Lagorai und über den Pasubio nach Riva. 
Lago del Corlo
Mountainbiking · Belluno
From Lago del Corlo around Monte Grappa
Premium content Difficulty difficult
49.3 km
5:45 h
1,450 m
1,450 m
This physically demanding tour around Monte Grappa rewards us with fantastic views of the Dolomites.
Blick auf die Bergwelt der Vizentiner Alpen.
Mountainbiking · Italy
With the MTB to the peaks around Camporovere
Premium content Difficulty moderate
41.3 km
4:45 h
1,520 m
1,520 m
This physically demanding tour takes us to the peaks around Camporovere. 
Mountainbiking · Altopiano di Folgaria,Lavarone,Luserna
844 - 100 Km dei Forti - Lusern
recommended route Difficulty S2 difficult
38.9 km
3:00 h
1,037 m
1,036 m
Lusernese loop of the 100 Km dei Forti route. Varied, fun, challenging! It covers the entire Zimber Lant, the Cimbrian community in the Trentino area, an exceptional testimony of history and culture. All this in one of the most beautiful natural settings in Trentino!
Mountainbiking · Altopiano di Folgaria,Lavarone,Luserna
851 - Alpe Cimbra Tour
recommended route Difficulty S2 difficult
63.2 km
5:00 h
1,995 m
1,995 m
A long and beautiful route, very technical, that from the Alpe Cimbra leads to the lower valley of the Centa and back to the Alpe along the bold and scenic Menador road. It combines the sporting aspect with the panoramic, scenic, natural, cultural and historical aspects. Dedicated to good climbers!
Die Kriegergedänkstätte auf dem Monte Grappa
Mountainbiking · Italy
Long MTB tour up Monte Grappa
Premium content Difficulty difficult
61.2 km
6:45 h
1,760 m
1,760 m
This mountain bike tour, which is demanding in terms of fitness, takes us to Monte Grappa. Here we not only find a military memorial site, but also a beautiful panorama.
MTB Transalp · Italy
Vom Rifugio Larici da Alessio über den Monte Ortigara nach Enego
recommended route Difficulty S1 moderate Stage 3
54.3 km
8:00 h
1,150 m
1,950 m
Diese  3.Etappe führt über anstrengende Militärstraßen und -Pfade zum Gipfel des Ortigara (2106) und weiter nach Enego. Ein weiterer Höhepunkt ist die in den Felsen gebauten alte Militärseibalbahn am Bochetta Portule und natürlich der schöne Trail auf der Abfahrt nach Enego.
Mountainbiking · Altopiano di Folgaria,Lavarone,Luserna
846 - Folgaria Megabike
recommended route Difficulty S2 difficult
40.7 km
3:20 h
1,176 m
1,177 m
A competitive route, of high technical commitment and high variability (climbs and descents), it alternates exciting panoramas with alpine environments of great beauty and important testimonies of the Great War. It is a route for trained legs!
Mountainbiking · Altopiano di Folgaria,Lavarone,Luserna
845 - Toraro Ring
recommended route Difficulty S0 moderate
19.2 km
1:25 h
652 m
652 m
A beautiful, very scenic, circular route around Monte Toraro. It reaches sella Valbona and returns to Lago Coe. The views of the Veneto-Vicentine valleys are to be framed!
MTB Transalp · Italy
Von Enego über den Monte Grappa nach Bassano del Grappa
recommended route Difficulty S2 difficult Stage 4
65.1 km
9:00 h
2,000 m
2,800 m
Nach der spannenden Abfahrt auf spektakulärem Karrenweg in das Tal der Brenta beginnt die  lange Auffahrt auf den Monte Grappa. Ein direkt in die Felswand gebauter Militärweg mit Tunneln ist ein absolutes Higlight dieser Tour. Danach folgt eine lange, durchaus spektakuläre Abfahrt anfangs auf schmalem Pfad in die itelienische Tiefebene.
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