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Make your vacation in Ticino an unforgettable experience! We have put together our suggestions for the most beautiful places to visit and attractions available here. Enjoy discovering!
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The 10 Most Beautiful culture in Ticino

Historical Site · Gotthard Group
Val Tremola: Gotthard-Reisepost 1830 - 1882
Val Tremola ist das schicksalrechst und gefährlichst Wegstrecke der Gotthard-Reisepost. 1830-1882 Bültezeit der historische Reisepost mit Pferden über den St. Gotthard.
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Sasso San Gotthardo
HISTORISCHE FESTUNG; Einstig streng geheim, heute ein einzigartiges Museum. Diverse geführte Rundgänge, Indiviueller Rundgang, diverse Ausstellungen. Fazinierende Kristall Ausstellung
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Sasso San Gottardo
Once TOP SECRET - today a unique museumThe unique museum "Sasso San Gottardo" is located in the huge caverns of the former Gotthard fortress deep inside the mountain. The fortress on the Gotthard Pass was one of the largest underground defence installations in Switzerland and was still operated as a top-secret military facility until 2001.
Museum · Ascona-Locarno
Museum · Ascona-Locarno
Museum of the Verzasca Valley
The museum is located in the Verzasca Valley, in an old house that overlooks the village square of Sonogno. Since 1974, the museum houses a collection comprising about a thousand objects that reflect the everyday life of the past of the valley.
Fortress · Bellinzona and Valleys
Das Castelgrande ist eine Höhenburg oberhalb der Stadt Bellinzona im schweizerischen Kanton Tessin.
Church · Bellinzona and Valleys
Santi Pietro e Stefano
Die Kirche Santi Pietro e Stefano ist Sitz der katholischen Kirchengemeinde des Stadtzentrums und befindet sich an der Piazza Collegiata.
Museum · Ascona-Locarno
Onsernone museum
In 1966, thanks to the initiative and sensitivity of several promoters, aware of the risk that important testimonies documenting the valley’s past civilizations were disappearing, the Onsernone museum was founded. The main objective of the museum was and is until this day to preserve and emphasize the historical, ethnographic and cultural heritage of this region.
Museum · Ascona-Locarno
Wool center
The craftswomen who work in this centre in Sonogno process wool as shorn from the sheep, carding, spinning and dyeing it and then making it into typical rural articles, such as pullovers, cardigans and scarves.
Museum · Bellinzona and Valleys
Nationales St. Gotthard-Museum
An Alpine pass and its history – a museum at 2,100 metres above sea level.The National St Gotthard Museum tells the gripping story of humanity’s long, arduous struggle to open up and constantly improve the Gotthard Pass as a major trade and traffic route.
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Wool center by Manuela
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