Culture in Ardèche

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

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Make your vacation in Ardèche an unforgettable experience! We have put together our suggestions for the most beautiful places to visit and attractions available here. Enjoy discovering!
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The 10 Most Beautiful culture in Ardèche

Museum · Ardèche
Travel back in time to Gallo-Roman Ardèche when you visit the museum and the archaeological site in Alba-la-Romaine!
Tour en train
Museum · Rhône-Alpes
Maison de la Lavande Ardèche / Producteur-Distillateur & Musée
New and unusual, get on the little lavender train for a wonderful trip full of colours and scents! Witness the distillation of essential oil and discover the magical transformation of a flower through an artisanal distillation.
Écomusée du Moulinage - Cocons de vers à soie
Museum · Ardèche
Silk mill museum
Welcome to the museum's 400m² of renovated galleries. Models, machines, interactive terminals, documentary film, audio installations and information panels take you on a trip back in time to silk milling.
Gallery · Rhône-Alpes
L'Atelier d'artiste d'Eric
The Loft becomes Eric's artist studio, an artist-in-residence space where internships will be offered. Possibility of being accommodated during themed stays.
Museum · Ardèche
Mas Daudet. Musée & Parc
In this authentic Provençal farmhouse, the family home of Alphonse Daudet, visit the Ardèche of the 19th century, learn about silkworm farming, past and present, and get to know the author of ‘Mr. Seguin’s Goat’. Then prolong the experience at the park.
Museum · Rhône-Alpes
Resistance and Deportation Museum in Ardèche
This museum was created by former resistance fighters from Ardèche in order to share their memories of the struggle. The museum has many documents which provide information about the main issues of the Resistance movement in Ardèche.
Castle · Rhône-Alpes
Castle of Vogüé
The Château de Vogüé invites you to walk in the footsteps of the marquis of Vogüé and thus discover the history of this site and of the prestigious family from Vivarais.
Museum · Rhône-Alpes
Maison Champanhet : musée des savoir-faire ardéchois
Relive the best of the past with your family! This museum blends tradition and expertise to take you on an amazing cultural journey into heritage.
Museum · Rhône-Alpes
Castle of Tournon sur Rhône
Dating back to the 10th - 16th C. , the castle of Tournon houses a museum labelled "Musée de France". Discover the rich collections from the Renaissance to the present day. Rooms with furnitures and collections linked with the Rhône river and the Fine Arts.
Museum · Rhône-Alpes
Ver à soie Musée - Magnanerie
Silkworms once wove a prosperous economic fabric that everyone shared. Discover the silkworm’s story of the natural world as well as its economic and social history (films, model, various objects...) At the silk farm, the entire process of traditional silkworm breeding, from the egg to the butterfly.
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MuséAl by Margaret
January 12, 2021 · Community
I haven’t been here. But this Outdoor Active site has to be one of the best I’ve ever found. I can’t wait until after COVID and I’ll come and see the Church of St Marie, the archaeological cave and this Roman site. Tour site knows how to capture interest. Well done.
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