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Organize your leisure time

Easily plan an unlimited number of your own routes.

Adapted to your wishes

You can print all of your routes, download the GPX and KML files for use throughout your trips.

As part of a great Community

Be inspired by the Community, rate routes and inspire others by sharing your experiences with them.

Because the outdoors is what unites us

Being outdoors is fun, so why not invite friends to join you on your trips or plan new adventures with other Community members.

Routes for your leisure time

Routes for your leisure time

Whether by foot, bike, on horseback or skis- in summer or winter- the possibilities for you to experience the outdoors are unlimited. Whatever it is you decide to do, Outdooractive has the matching trail network for it and for you.

  • The Route Planner enables you to plan an unlimited number of your own routes for different activities all over the world.
  • You have the control when planning to makes choices based on factors that matter to you including distances, duration, altitude gain and path types.
  • You can save and edit drafts of your routes for later.
  • The decision on who gets to see your routes is also yours to make.  
Maps on the go

Maps on the go

Every trip you embark on is supported by a matching map and detailed directions, but it is up to you how much or how little of this information you take with you. 

  • All published routes can be downloaded, whether they are your own or have been created by other members of the Community.
  • You can choose between a number of different map styles to download as well as decide on things such as the scale, level of detail and whether you want to include written directions and photos as part of the download.
  • Should you opt not to take a printed version of the map with you and prefer to remain digital, you can download the route as a GPX or KML file and store it on your GPS device.
United in adventure – the Community

United in adventure – the Community

Our Community brings like-minded individuals together to inspire one another and to exchange experiences, tips and ideas.

  • The ratings feature allows you to learn from the experiences of others. You can also help Community members by rating and commenting on routes yourself.
  • You can add current conditions to inform others about, for example, closed or damaged paths.
  • Be inspired by the vast selection of routes created all over the world by our Community and discover new routes near to you as well.
  • Since it is way more fun to journey with others, take the chance to plan trips with your friends or join fellow adventurers.
  • Create your own groups or join those in your region to exchange route suggestions and the share common interests.

Your own structure

  • You have the ability to save any route that you think looks interesting on your clipboard.
  • You can maintain an overview of your route planning and sort saved routes by adding them to the “already done” and “want to do” lists. 

Your content on the web and in the app

After signing in on your mobile device, you can synchronise the app with all your saved content, i.e. the routes on your clipboard and in your lists.

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