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Vipiteno (Sterzing) City Tour

Vipiteno (Sterzing)
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Informationen zur Tour Vipiteno (Sterzing) City Tour

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    2:00 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    0 m
  • Altitude
    0 m
  • Max. height
    947 m
Exploring Vipiteno (Sterzing), the Fugger City, on foot


We start our walk at Piazza Fuori Porta (Untertorplatz) Square, where you’ll find a short-term parking area and a bus stop. We turn north, and head straight into the new town. Very soon, a statue depicting Saint Nepomuk greets us: he is the patron saint evoked when protection from water is needed. It was for this reason that the statue was indeed erected: it protects against the frequent calamitous flooding of the Rio di Valles (Vallerbach) and Isarco (Eisack) Rivers. Right next to it, we find Town Hall, which is in the late-Gothic style and well worth a visit. Narrow little alleyways—Via del Municipio (Rathausgasse) Lane and Vicolo delle Rondini (Schwalbenegggasse) Lane are two good examples—will arouse your curiosity and entice you to wander down them. Of course, feel free to do so! Continuing our walk, though, we head towards Torre delle dodici (Zwölferturm) Tower: pass through it, and you will be in the town square. Just opposite is the Heilig-Geist-Spitalkirche Church. It isn’t apparent from the outside how interesting it is inside: late-Gothic frescoes depict scenes from the history of salvation. We go straight on, walking towards the old town and continuing until we reach the end. We return to the town square then follow Via Geizkofler (Geizkoflerstraße), which branches off to the left and leads us finally to Viale Stazione (Bahnhofstrasse). We follow this road to the left, cross Staatsstraße and the Isarco (Eisack) River, and then along the Eisackdamm to the first bridge, the road to Vizze (Pfitsch). We can already turn around here and along on the opposite side to the nearby sports field or continue on a bit, cross the next bridge, and continue back towards the sports zone on the other side. There, you can take a little side trip to the playground. Take Johann Kofler Street and Via della Concia (Garbe-Straße) in order to reach Via Stazione (Bahnhofstraße); follow this road left, back to Piazza Fuori Porta (Untertorplatz).

Starting point

Piazza fuori Porta (Untertorplatz)

Target point

Piazza fuori Porta (Untertorplatz)


Parking lots and parking garages in the city

Public transportation

Train to Vipiteno (Sterzing)


Through the Alta Val Isarco (Wipptal) to Vipiteno (Sterzing).

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