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Through the narrow lanes of Chiusa (Klausen)

Chiusa (Klausen)
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Informationen zur Tour Through the narrow lanes of Chiusa (Klausen)

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    1:00 h
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    0 m
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    0 m
  • Max. height
    528 m
A city tour of the Chiusa (Klausen) in Valle Isarco (Eisacktal) Valley.


We start in Chiusa (Klausen) at Piazza Mercato (Marktplatz), which has parking available and is located near the northern entrance to the city. If you arrive by train or bus, the respective stations are not far from Piazza Mercato, but are located on the other side of the Isarco (Eisack) River. Just walk towards the centre, cross the Isarco River over the Ponte San Cassiano (Kassiansbrücke) Bridge and you’ll be at Piazza Mercato. Go through the Brixner Tor Gate, and you can reach the city’s charming alleyways. Passing the Chiesa Apostoli (Apostelkirche) Church, the Rathaus (Town Hall), and the old Zollhaus (Customs House), which is emblazoned with weapons, we walk through the dense upper town to Piazza Duomo (Pfarrplatz), home to the main parish church. Piazza Duomo offers a unique view of Sabiona (Säben) Abbey and Branzoll Castle, which tower regally over the rooftops of the city centre. A visit to the parish church is also worthwhile. Behind the church, there is an alleyway that leads us through a dark cellar passageway (watch out for the steps) into the little Vicolo del Molini (Mühlgasse) and to the right, into the lower town. On the other side of the road, we take the steps that lead to Sabiona Abbey (near the display case with minerals inside, don’t turn left but go through the arch), which may be one of the most interesting little spots in town. We head towards Gasslbräu (homebrewed beer) and then through Via Conciapelli (Gerbergasse) Lane to Schmuckhof, where there still is a mill wheel turning. We turn left under the Rossmarkt and then right over Thinnebrücke Bridge to the Capuchin complex. The building of the former Capuchin monastery now houses several spaces where various cultural activities take place. In the well-maintained park of the Capuchin gardens, there is also a playground. The short ascent to the top of Kapuzinerhügel (exit under the Loreto Church) is a must—please note that it is not stroller friendly. Afterwards, we walk back on the street and then on the Fraghes (Frag). We walk straight out of the city along the sidewalk as far as Dürer Bar and then turn left onto Via Langrain. Passing a large grocery store, our walk leads through a residential area with some businesses, and finally brings us to the road that leads right over the same Thinnebrücke Bridge we encountered before. We turn back to the parish church via Piazza Tinne (Thinneplatz) and head through the lower city. We turn right up to a shoe store then take a left and follow along the Isarco (Eisack) Promenade to the playground next to the Walther von der Vogelweide Tavern. After the elementary school building located next to it, we find ourselves at the Piazza Mercato once again. Those who would like to continue walking can head towards the bookstore from Piazza Tinne, and follow the Dürer Bike Path south along the Isarco River.

Starting point

Chiusa (Klausen) Train Station

Target point

Chiusa (Klausen) Train Station


Parking areas in the city centre

Public transportation

Train to Chiusa (Klausen).


Through the Val d'isarco (Eisacktal) to Chiusa (Klausen). 

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