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Castle Laimburg

Vadena (Pfatten)
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Castle Laimburg

Vadena (Pfatten)

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Informationen zu Castle Laimburg

In the dense forest you can see the rests of the old castle’s tower. The Laimburg is located near the famous lake Kalterer See on 368 m.

Built in the 13th century, this castle once was used as a residence for the Herren von Laimburg. As well as the Leuchtenburg, it fell to the Herren von Rottenburg some years later and many owners were to follow. Eventually, the village of Kaltern became the owner and the castle was shorty used as a court. From the 17th century onwards, the castle was more and more in ruins. A complete restauration took place in 2002.

Today, the castle Laimburg is name-giver and symbol for the federal vine-orchards just below as well as the winery at the feet of the mountain Mitterberg.