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Castle Goldrain

Laces (Latsch)
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Castle Goldrain

Laces (Latsch)

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Informationen zu Castle Goldrain

Above the village of Goldrain you can find the reason for its name, the castle Goldrain watching over the orchards of the surroundings. A moving history lies behind this castle.

The oldest parts of the castle can be dated to the 12th century. The first mentioned owners are the members of the “Geschlecht von Scheck”. Next was the family Hendl, who restructured the complex in the 16th century to become a rich palace of the Renaissance. It was also surrounded by a heavy circular wall. The last members of the family Hendl died in 1861 and the castle is since owned by the municipality of Goldrain.

The interior of the castle presents itself very pompously: wooden decorations on the walls, finely worked roofs, hand-made furnaces and the well-flowing arcade-like architecture. The castle Goldrain is today used for educational purposes or for meetings. Close to it you can finds a café and a restaurant.

The interior rooms of this Renaissance-palace in the castle Goldrain are today used for educational purposes or for meetings.

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