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School Museum Tagusens

Castelrotto (Kastelruth)
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School Museum Tagusens

Castelrotto (Kastelruth)

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Informationen zu School Museum Tagusens

In the remote hamlet of Tagusens, there has been an elementary school since the introduction of general obligatory education in the eighteenth century. Lessons took place on church property or in farmhouse parlors. In 1933, a new building was erected for the one-room village schoolhouse. It reached a peak of forty-six pupils in the 1950s and was shut down in 1993. Today, the scholastic history of the children of the surrounding farms is depicted from the fascist period to the present. The school district reached quite a distance, and thus many a child had to walk up to an hour and a half each way to school. In spite of compulsory education, many children could only attend the school once the farm work and household chores were completed. In the comprehensive school, various classes were taught together in German, Italian, handwriting, arithmetic, history, geography, religion, gymnastics, and handicrafts. In addition, there were also a few lessons in singing and music, which the teacher accompanied on the piano or accordion. Not only does the small but rich collection bring feelings of nostalgia, it is also interesting both for visitors and those well versed in the history of schools and education.

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In Tagusa near Castelrotto is a school museum, showing the everyday life of the South Tyrolean students from 1933 to 1993.

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