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Montagna (Montan)
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Montagna (Montan)

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Informationen zu Castelfeder

This is a place full of mystery on the summit of a rocky hill, above Ora. Castelfelder has a unique vegetation and a landscape which is very different compared to that in the surrounding areas.  Its Mediterranean flora, its shrubs, meadows, thickets, ponds and marshes have been protected since 1977. 

You can access it by following the "Biotope Castelfelder" footpath with displays showing the flora and fauna of the region. Castelfelder is famous not only for its rich vegetation.

Castelfelder is also a prehistoric, Roman and medieval settlement. Here you can find numerous excavations, old walls, archaeological sites and the ruins of ancient buildings. Some archaeological findings date back to the II Millennium B.C.

From a distance you can also see the ruins of the IX century Chapel of Santa Barbara and the fortifications after which the whole area is named. The view of the Adige Valley that stretches into the distance calls to mind many historic events. Many legends surround Castelfelder.

The protected area of Castelfelder, in the Bassa Atesina, with its unique landscape reveals a history of settlers.

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