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Castel Boymont

Appiano (Eppan)
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Castel Boymont

Appiano (Eppan)

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Informationen zu Castel Boymont

The ruins of the Boymont castle are situated on a rocky ridge above Missiano. This romanic structure stands out because of its unusual rectangular, clear cut and straight lines. Even though the structure was fortified to a certain extent it was mainly used as a residence.  The castle was built between 1220 and 1230 by the Counts of Appiano and was then given to the Boymont and the Korb family as a fief. About two centuries later the castle was inherited by Ulrich Kässler, the secretary of the Duke Frederick IV, also known as Frederick of the empty pockets. Some years later proabably due to a fire that was started over hereditary disputes the castle burnt down and was not rebuilt. In 1977 thanks to the new owner, Fritz Dellago, the castle was rebuilt. Today, in the courtyard of the castle, a restaurant has been opened and visitors can admire the big arched windows and the remains of what used to be the chapel.

Castel Boymont presents very unusual shapes that do not belong to its period of construction and amazes the visitors with its architectural peculiarities.

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