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Bolzano/Bozen and environs

Experience the town life and relax in nearby villages

In no other town of Südtirol – Alto Adige is the Italian style and city life so present as in Bozen – Bolzano. If you need a rest from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can find peace in a village very close by.

Bozen – Bolzano is the place to go if you love culture. From the many museums to the two main squares and from the gothic architecture to the art galleries culture is all around. If you want some fun, night life is lively and all the bars and pubs are popular with students.

Bozen – Bolzano’s many promenades:
If you are a keen walker, the town of Bozen – Bolzano offers many scenic promenades. From the Wassermauerpromenade - Passeggiata lungo Talvera that starts at the historical Talvera Bridge and takes you along the river towards the north of Bozen – Bolzano, to the Guntschnapromenade - Passeggiata Guncina in the Gries neighborhood and the Oswaldweg - Passeggiata di Sant’Osvaldo that connects the San Antonio and Santa Maddalena areas, you will not run out of places to go.

Bozen – Bolzano is very well equipped with cable car stations that can take you in a few short minutes to the mountaintops where nature remains untouched. There are three main cable car station that each bring you to different mountaintops: The Funivia del Colle cable car was the first ever cable car built for the transportation of persons and brings you to the picturesque Bauernkohlern - borgo Colle di Villa at 1250m altitude.  Another cable car station north of the city takes you to San Genesio from which; once you reach the top; you can admire the “enrosadira”, the phenomenon that occurs when the peaks of the mountains take on a pink colouring especially at sunrise and sunset. Last but not least, the Ritten - Renon cable car takes you all the way up to the Sonnenplateau Ritten - Renon plateau where you will find many lovely villages and will encounter natural phenomenons such as earth pyramids also knows as Hoodoos . The Sciliar and Alpe di Siusi mountains stand proudly across the valley from the  Ritten.Renon Plateau.
It is possible to take bicycles on the cable cars.

Bozen – Bolzano is surrounded by many lovely neighboring towns that are easily reachable by car, public transport or evn bicycle for those who love a bit of exercise! To the west of Bozen – Bolzano are the towns of Andriano and Terlano, known for their excellent wines and also their asparagus. In Terlano the ruins of the Castel Neuhaus – Rocca di Maultasch can be reached in an easy half an hour walk.

To the south of Bozen – Bolzano is the youngest town of Südtirol - Trentino Alto Adige called “Laives”. In this town you can see a spectacular contrast between old and new. The Reggleberg – Monte Regolo that sits above Laives offers many great hiking trails.