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Bicycle tours in Slovenia


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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Slovenia. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful bicycle tours.
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The 10 Most Beautiful bicycle tours in Slovenia

Long distance cycling · Nyugat-Dunántúl
Termálfüzér a délnyugati végeken
recommended route Difficulty moderate Multistage route
577.1 km
41:50 h
3,405 m
3,405 m
Egy hosszú tekerés után elmerülni a meleg vízben, mindig kikapcsoló. Ez a termálfüzér négy ország 17 termálfürdőjét köti össze egy többnapos kerékpártúra keretében.
Long distance cycling · Thermen- & Vulkanland
R12 Thermenradweg
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
148.9 km
12:00 h
970 m
1,691 m
Radeln wie im PaRADies - von einer Therme zur nächsten. Eine Genusstour von Therme zu Therme im Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark – schöner kann Radeln kaum sein.
Long distance cycling · Styria
Styrian Wine Country Cycle Trail
recommended route Difficulty moderate Multistage route
402.8 km
36:30 h
2,672 m
2,672 m
On this round cycling tour, a little over 400 km in length, cyclists can discover Styria’s Wine Country in eight stages: its three vineyard regions as well as its culinary specialities and cultural charms.
Long distance cycling · Styria
River Mur Cycle Trail ‒ From Steirerkas (Styrian cheese) to wine and pumpkin seed oil
recommended route Difficulty moderate Multistage route
453.1 km
36:00 h
450 m
2,078 m
The River Mur Cycle Trail is considered among aficionados to be one of the most beautiful riverside cycling routes in Alps thanks to the sheer variety of its scenery. It starts in the Hohe Tauern National Park and accompanies the Mur to its mouth in Croatia. In the north, mountains, alpine pastures and lakes provide variety; the south is dominated by corn fields and the oil pumpkins that are so typical of the area, as well as vast floodplains where the vineyards are not too far off. Scattered in between are cities such as Graz, culinary capital of Austria and European Capital of Culture 2003, which boasts UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the old town and Eggenberg Castle.
Long distance cycling · Austria
EuroVelo 9 Blansko/Brno (CZ) - Maribor (SI)
recommended route Difficulty moderate
570.2 km
49:30 h
3,091 m
3,129 m
EuroVelo 9 is part of the European network of long-distance cycling routes. It links the Baltic coast in Poland with the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, covering 1,930 km. It runs straight through the heart of Central and Eastern Europe: travelling right across Poland from Gdansk, then through the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia, all the way to Pula in Croatia. Here we introduce the completed section from Blansko/Brno in the Czech Republic to Maribor in Slovenia: a tour of pure indulgence through wine regions, and connecting thermal spas, through the city of Vienna and the state of Styria until finally reaching Maribor in Slovenia.
Long distance cycling · Zalai-dombság
Zalai "dombérozó" kerékpártúra
recommended route Difficulty difficult
166.1 km
11:49 h
1,481 m
1,488 m
A Göcsej, a Hetés és Dél-Zala vadregényes, erdőkben, látnivalókban – na és dombokban - bővelkedő tájait fűzi fel ez a két- vagy többnapos bringatúra Zalaegerszeg és Nagykanizsa között. Jobban elmerülve az utunkba eső látnivalókban és a tájban, a túrát akár kerékpáros nyaralássá is bővíthetjük.
Long distance cycling · Littoral
Auf dem Adriabike-Radweg nach Venedig und Chioggia
recommended route Difficulty moderate
410.3 km
27:48 h
969 m
963 m
Die Radtour führt auf insgesamt 417 km von der slowenischen Adriaküste über Trient, Grado und Venedig bis zum Seehafen Chioggia in Venetien. Die aussichtsreiche Route setzt sich aus insgesamt drei Wegen zusammen: dem smaragdgrünen Weg, dem Weg der Händler und Kähne sowie dem Weg der Serenissima.
Long distance cycling
River Drava Cycle Trail Full Route: Toblach ‒ (Varaždin) Legrad
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
509.1 km
40:00 h
1,684 m
2,769 m
  The River Drava Cycle Trail is one of just four cycle trails in Europe to be awarded five stars by the ADFC (German Cyclists’ Association). It is the poster child of the cycling region of Carinthia and crosses several borders on its way from South Tyrol (Toblach) to Legrad in Croatia, passing through East Tyrol, Carinthia and Slovenia.
Long distance cycling · Slovenia
Parenzana cycling trail
recommended route Difficulty moderate
129.4 km
9:38 h
1,166 m
1,167 m
The former narrow-gauge railway line between Trieste and Porec, which operated between 1902 and 1935, and was known as Porečanka. It is now one of the most popular cycling trails.
Long distance cycling · Julian Alps
JULIANA BIKE - overall trail
recommended route Difficulty moderate Multistage route
296.1 km
41:15 h
8,206 m
8,206 m
THE JULIANA BIKE MOUNTAIN BIKING LOOP is the younger sister of the Juliana Trail and is basically the part of the Slovenian Mountain Biking Route; however, it functions as a loop and is an independent trail that runs along the edges of the Julian Alps. Total length: 29O km Total difference in altitude: 85OO m Number of stages: 7 (+ 3 additional stages) Average stage length: 4O km

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