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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful bicycle tours.
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The 10 Most Beautiful bicycle tours in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Parenzana look across the Valley
Long distance cycling · Slovenia
Parenzana cycling trail
recommended route Difficulty moderate
129.4 km
9:38 h
1,166 m
1,167 m
The former narrow-gauge railway line between Trieste and Porec, which operated between 1902 and 1935, and was known as Porečanka. It is now one of the most popular cycling trails.
Long distance cycling · Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Handbike-Tour Alpe Adria Spittal bis Grado (barrierefrei)
recommended route Difficulty moderate Multi-stage route
269.2 km
20:15 h
994 m
1,543 m
Mit dem Handbike über die Alpen an die Adria, auf einer alten Bahntrasse durch zahlreiche Tunnel. Im Kanaltal canyonartige Landschaft hoch über der Straße,  historische Stätten wie Gremona del Friuli, Udine mit schönem venezianischem Zentrum und römische Ausgrabungen in Aquileia. Historische Altstadt und Strandbad in Grado.
Long distance cycling
Ciclovia Alpe-Adria bike path
recommended route Difficulty moderate
399 km
31:05 h
2,440 m
2,815 m
Since time immemorial, the Alps have held an incomparable fascination for people. Though for centuries a terrifying place of perils and legends, the hikers and bikers of today love and yearn for this mighty rock edifice, filled with so much magic and beauty. With the new north-south crossing from Salzburg to Venice, a long-cherished dream finally comes to fruition.        
Teufelsbrücke in Cividale del Friuli
Long distance cycling · Littoral
On the Adriabike cycle path to Venice and Chioggia
recommended route Difficulty moderate
410.3 km
27:48 h
969 m
963 m
The cycle tour covers a total of 417 km from the Slovenian Adriatic coast via Trento, Grado and Venice to the seaport of Chioggia in Veneto. The scenic route is made up of a total of three paths: the Emerald Path, the Path of Merchants and Cows and the Path of the Serenissima.
Long distance cycling · Gemona del Friuli
Giro Mab Unesco nel Gemonese
recommended route Difficulty easy
30.2 km
2:25 h
154 m
139 m
Un percorso semplice e adatto a tutti per scoprire le ciclovie FVG1 Alpe Adria, FVG 3 Pedemontana, FVG6 del Tagliamento e l'inedita FVG10 ciclovia del Friuli oltre ai collegamenti interni che permettono di muoversi in bicicletta tra i nostri comuni.
Torrente Palar
Long distance cycling · Gemona del Friuli
Un giro in gravel nel territorio del Gemonese
recommended route Difficulty easy
55.9 km
2:05 h
555 m
555 m
Un percorso veloce da fare a tutta con la bici da gravel, ma anche una mtb o una bici da trekking possono andar bene.
Long distance cycling · Region Villach
Ciclovia Alpe-Adria 5. cycle section: Villach-Tarvisio
recommended route Difficulty easy
36.8 km
3:04 h
351 m
251 m
This stage takes us mainly alongside the Gail, on the southern side of the Villacher Alpe, and in parts also through Dobratsch Nature Park. Pedaling through small villages, we gradually approach the Italian border, which we cross at Thörl-Maglern. Following an abandoned railway line, just a few kilometers beyond the border and we come to Tarvisio, our northern starting point for the Val Canale .
Castello Savorgnan - Artegna
Long distance cycling · Gemona del Friuli
Alla scoperta di Gemona e Artegna passando per i loro castelli
recommended route Difficulty easy
17.5 km
1:30 h
148 m
147 m
Un giro che percorre che si svolge su ciclabili e strade a bassi traffico alla scoperta dei castelli di Gemona del Friuli e di Savorgnan ad Artegna. Questo percorso si svolge su ciclabili e strade a basso traffico ed è adatto a tutti.
Fiume Tagliamento, sullo sfondo Gemona del Friuli
Long distance cycling · Gemona del Friuli
Gemona tra risorgive, fiumi e laghetti
recommended route Difficulty easy
22.1 km
1:20 h
154 m
154 m
Un bellissimo giro che permette di conoscere le acque di Gemona del Friuli senza uscire dai confini comunali, salvo pochi metri nella zona del guado sul torrente Orvenco dove si raggiunge il comune di Artegna.
Monumento a Ottavio Bottecchia nei pressi di Peonis - Trasaghis
Long distance cycling · Gemona del Friuli
La strada di Bottecchia, i grifoni e le risorgive
recommended route Difficulty moderate
63.7 km
5:20 h
416 m
377 m
Un itinerario alla scoperta di grifoni, laghi (Minisini, di Cornino e di Ragogna), zone umide e risorgive.
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