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Archaeological site of Tiscali

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Archaeological site of Tiscali

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Informationen zu Archaeological site of Tiscali

The archaeological site of Mount Tiscali is one of the most famous in Sardinia. The reasons are to be found in its extraordinary context. It is entirely built in a collapsing dolina on top of Mount Tiscali – in a sheltered and hidden, but also absolutely dominant location. Legends on the men who lived there tell us about the fight of the Nuragic populations against the overbearing Roman legions. They would dress with victorious burdock (raids) against the invaders. Even if legends often conceal a background of truth, this must still be verified – the ancient stones of the village tell archaeologists other thruths. Although the site has patchy evidence of Neolithic age, the village as it stands today knew its development in the Bronze Age – and, later, in the Roman Age. There are numerous huts, distributed in a unique environment in terms of settlement features. The large sinkhole where the village lies is in fact a naturally effective shelter. A natural window on the walls of the cave helps provide constant ventilation and create a frame for a gorgeous site.
The walls of the rooms are of various shapes – circular, elliptical, rectangular and quadrangular. There are often interventions from different eras, which suggests that the same rooms were re-adapted over time. Once home to a nuragic village, it is therefore likely that the site marks the transition from that glorious civilization to Roman times. The proximity to large Roman villages on the east coast would only have encouraged contacts between the people of Civitates Barbariae and the coastal population. Beyond the technical and chronological issues, which can be thoroughly investigated only by future excavations, it is a site that is a symbol for the entire history of Sardinia – and whose location is unique not only on the island, but throughout the world.

The archaeological site of Mount Tiscali is one of the most famous in Sardinia.

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