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Ortler distillery

Eppan Appiano, Kreuzweg 9/B
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Ortler distillery

Eppan Appiano, Kreuzweg 9/B

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Informationen zu Ortler distillery

The Ortler distillery is located in Eppan on the South Tyrolean Wine Route. Surrounded by vineyards and apple orchards, the Ortler farm is where the Ortler distillery has been since 2011. Here on the family farm, Alexander has realized his dream of producing finest distillates of the highest quality. A sip of these schnapps is reminiscent of happy summer evenings and the scent of fruit trees, fresh apple sauce or a walk in the vineyards.

The basic ingredient of these noble products grows in the region, then what comes from local orchards is distilled. Only the fruit which he himself would like to bite, is fed into the boiler. Apples, particularly aromatic old varieties, are grown in Kaltern, whereas the apricots come from the Vinschgau. The fruit is sorted, harvested sun-ripened, picked by hand and cleaned.


Opening times: At the Eppan tourism association you can book a tour and tasting at the distillery detail. This takes place every Monday!

To keep the typical fruit aroma unaltered – this is what the high art of distilling boils down to. And Alexander Ortler is a true master of it. Additives, flavorings and sugar do not come into the picture – only the pure, natural and unadulterated taste of fruit comes into the bottle. Also, some of the finest wines of Italy come from the vineyards of the region, the perfect prerequisite for pomace brandies of highest quality.

Due to the high quality processing the products of the Ortler distillery have competed from the outset with elite Italian brands and have already won a number of awards and prizes. At the Destillata 2013 Ortler distillery products obtained the seal of the highest quality and the Moscato Giallo – Tresterbrand was repeatedly named "Brandy of the Year"! A visit to the distillery and a tasting of high-quality products is certainly worthwhile.

Here you can purchase schnapps from the Ortler distillery:
- Vinothek Castel Auer
- Enzo in Neumarkt
- Pillhof in Eppan
- Seibstock Meransen Mair Mair in Sterzing
- Capriz in Vintl
- Karadar in Innichen

In Alexander Ortler’s distillery in Eppan excellent brandies are produced. Only high quality, regional fruit goes into the boiler to make fruit spirits!

The procedure

The mashing process is done according to modern techniques, so as to unlock the full potential of flavours. Clean, stainless mashing containers with air and fermentation locks keep away harmful substances. In addition, the mash is heated constantly, making it an ideal fermentation process.

Before the controlled fermentation is completed, the mash is distilled according to the traditional crude distillate procedure. Subsequently, the collected crude distillate is carefully distillated in a 150l wood-fired boiler. With the fine distillate the core is fractionated and then aged 6-36 months, always in our warehouse. After several sensory controls the distillate is set down and bottled for drinking.

Selected distillates mature in oak barrels.


Only an elaborate procedure which goes from cleaning, through coring to passing the fruit, can guarantee a clean distillation process and the highest quality. Each yearm production is mostly around 60 up to 300 bottles per variety, while the size of the range depends on crop quality and yield. Alexander presents his products at various wine and culinary events in South Tyrol and Europe. Also at the distillery in Eppan organized tastings take place – here you will also find an overview of the various fruits and pomace brandies.

The liquor bottle glass can be decorated - a great gift idea!