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Alta Val Venosta/Vinschgauer Oberland

Signs of the past

The sharp cry of an eagle echoes against the stony ridges. The wind whistles in your ears. High up, the last grass blades make way for the grey rock.

Obervinschgau – Alta Val Venosta – Upper Val Venosta forms a triangle with Austria and Switzerland and one can grasp how important the Val Venosta was as a transit area for trade. In fact, traders left behind many signs of their wares all along the valley.
The antique Roman trade way “Claudia Augusta”, once greatly important, now acts as a bridge between cultures and different living areas.  In Reschen – Resia, boundary village, the old bell tower stands as a reminder of the many villages that were flooded and sacrificed due to an inconsiderate project to build an artificial water basin.

The antique road stretches out next to the magnificent Benediktinerkloster Marienberg – Convento Benedettino Marienberg convent up until Mals – Malles. The Tartscher Bühel – Collina di Tarces, surrounded by Steppe like vegetation immerses the atmosphere in a mystical appeal. Various archaeological excavates have dug up coins, stone bowls and metal hatchets: proof that there once was a pre-roman settlement.

At the valley foot, the Glurns – Glorenza city kidnaps visitors and takes them back to medieval times. Majestic fortifications surround the smallest Italian town.
The Churburg – Castel Coira castle, with the biggest private armoury in the world, narrates about life at the time of knighthood. The Churburg – Castel Coira castle stands glorious over Schluderns – Suderno.