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Alta Val Isarco/Südtiroler Wipptal

Landscapes and sensations

A mountainous region covered by thick forests. The green colouring of meadows and slopes. These are some of the landscapes and sensations that accompany travellers in their journeys from north to south. The rest is all to be discovered…

Sterzing – Vipiteno with its perfect combination of medieval charm and modern lure is the first village to border on Austria. A road clustered with colourful façades connects the old part of the village through the main square, to the front door of the Zwölferturms – Torre delle Dodici tower and the new part of town.
From the heart of the Wipptal – Alta Valle Isarco you can see striking wide valleys, created from cracks in  the mountain. Away from the hustle, in the Pflerschtal – Val di Fleres, hikers can explore an uncontaminated landscape. In the past, mines were very important in this area and you can still see today the entrance to the tunnels.

The Schneeberg - Monteneve mining deposit is situated at the bottom of the Ratschings – Valle di Racines valley in the Ridnaun – Ridanna municipality, Drei-Täler-Gemeinde – Tre valli community. The narrow tunnels are cold and humid. The visitors can experience first-hand the hard work the miners had to endure.
You can admire one of deepest and most stunning gorges that formed in the Alpine rock. The “Gilfenklamm” gorge is an astonishing natural exhibition.

On the opposite side, the Pfitschtal – Val di Vizze valley makes its way through this mountainous region, created thousands of years ago by glaciers, and stops at the valley foot of the Hochfeiler – Gran Pilastro mountain. The vast pastures of the flat valley bottom form an unusual contrast.
The beauty of this uncontaminated valley is definitely worth exploring. If you have time, pay a visit to the Wallfahrtsort Maria Trens – Santuario di Madonna della Pace sanctuary in the vicinity of Franzensfeste – Fortezza.