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Alta Badia

A real zest for life.

Your eyes delight at the view of hills and pastures, the breathtaking and iridescent colours of the woods, agricultural lands, grasslands and the valley fields.

Italian, German and Ladin are the three main languages. Ladin is the archaic language and culture of the Ladin population (the oldest Romansh population of the alpine region) which is still kept alive today in the Gadertal - Val Badia. The characteristic groups of farmhouses positioned on steep, sunlit slopes represent traditional Romansh architecture. These farmhouses are typically two story buildings with the bottom floor being made out of stone and the top floor made out of wood. The larch and fir wood forests that surround these farmhouses transform the whole setting into a breathtaking scene.

The Gadertal – Val Badia road makes its way through two nature parks. The right side of the valley is connected to the Puez-Geisler - Puez Odle National Park extends along the foot of the mountains. The left side of the valley, magnificent with  different species of flowers, is connected to the Fanes-Sennes-Prags – Fanes-Sennes-Braies National Park. The contrast between the majestic snow-clad mountain summits and the many boulders, rocks and ruins at the bottom of the mountain offer the spectator a dramatic vista.

St.Martin – San Martino in Badia is a picture perfect place thanks to its 12th century medieval castle “Ćiastel de Tor”. The “Ćiastel de Tor” museum gives you an insight into the language, culture and history of this interesting Ladin population. From the museum you can walk to the Mühlental – Valle dei Mulini where you can admire the old mills that are witnesses to the Ladin people’s ancient culture and artisanship.
Without a doubt, the tourist centre is Corvara im Talschluss von Gadertal – Corvara a fondovalle della Val Badia. It is a lively place both in winter and summer and benefits from the “Sellaronda” ski tour (130km of ski slopes).