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High Mountain trail to the Ortles Summit

Solda (Sulden)
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Informationen zur Tour High Mountain trail to the Ortles Summit

Tour Hauptmerkmale

  • Duration
    12:30 h
  • Distance
  • Altitude
    2010 m
  • Altitude
    2010 m
  • Max. height
    3864 m
High mountain trek to the epic mountain, the highest peak in Alto Adige


The road to Stelvio takes you toSolda – Sulden (1906 m, tourist resort). Route 4 is a zigzag hike through woods, meadows, and moraines, passing the Rifugio Tabaretta (2,556 m, 2 hours) and leading to the col of Bärenkopf (2,877 m);  Heading south we will be climbing another col (2,903 m) and arriving at the Rifugio Payer (3,020 m; 3:30 hours). After an overnight stay, we will follow the green markers to cross the rocky ridge west of the Punta Tabaretta, and then descend a narrow col (2,980 m, the top of a huge glaciated channel). We will then climb a rocky wall, exposed and vertical in parts but equipped with fixed chains and climbing aids. This 50-metre climb with a few 2-grade sections is not difficult and climbing to the last spur is facilitated by the use of a fixed spike. After we have reached the shoulder of the glacier (3,100 m approx.) the rest of the pathway is on ice and requires the use of crampons all the way. The track crosses a steep slope leading to the hollow valley of «Bärenloch» (bear hole), and turning to the right towards the rocks called «Tschirfeckfelsen » (Mount Cief). You can also climb up the steep glacier reaching the Lombardi Bivouac (3,316 m) keeping an eye out for the crevass along the edge of the rocks. We pass a relatively flat shoulder then cross a steep slope diagonally to get to the top of a platform and the snowy ridge (Firn) behind which we reach the cross on the summit (3,905 m; 3–4 hours from the refuge depending on conditions). Return via the same route.


Route to the Rifugio Payer da Trafòi: from the village (1,541 m) to the sanctuary of Heilige Drei Brunnen (Three fountains, 1,605 m) and on route 18 to the Rifugio Berglhütte (Borletti, 2,188 m, less than 2 hours). Route 19 north-east takes you up to the col of Tabaretta and continuing south to the Rifugio Payer (from the Rifugio Berglhütte, 2:30 hours).

Starting point

Solda - Sulden

Target point

Solda - Sulden


An epic ascent reaching an altitude of almost 4,000 metres; suitable for expert mountaineers with previous experience of hiking on rocks and ice, and with a good level of fitness. In summer the Rifugio Payer is often full, therefore prior booking of overnight stay is essential. Attempt this ascent only in good weather conditions and good conditions underfoot.


Parking is available at Solda - Sulden

Public transportation

Public bus (Line 271) from Malles - Mals and Spondigna - Spondinig to Solda - Sulden. By train from Merano to Malles


From Merano or Resia continue towards Spondigna - Spondinig, then turn to Prad and continue to Solda - Sulden.

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Hannes Riegler

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