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Agriturismo Gorropu

Dorgali Loc.Ortunnule, Ruiu Angelo
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Agriturismo Gorropu

Dorgali Loc.Ortunnule, Ruiu Angelo

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Informationen zu Agriturismo Gorropu

Surrounded by lush bushes, cypresses and the scent of fennel, just a few kilometres from Dorgali and Cala Gonone, the Restaurant Rifugio Gorropu serves delicious Sardinian specialities. Tradition is alive and kicking here! Just take a seat at one of the rustic wooden tables on the terrace and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the Lanaittu Valley, the Lanaittu Valley as well as the Gola Gorropu ("Gorropu Gorge"). If you prefer, you can also enjoy your meal in the inviting, rustic-style dining room. The attractive menu shows the values that are important to the operators. The meals are predominantly prepared with so-called zero-kilometre products, i.e. with food being produced as close as possible to the place of consumption. The offer includes above all delicacies of the Sardinian "mountain cuisine".
The restaurant serves excellent four- or five-course menus, which you can enjoy with a cool craft beer or a glass of Vermentino. The fluffy, tasty foccaccia, which you should definitely try as an introduction, will whet your appetite for more. Then continue with homemade pasta such as the "Sardinian gnocchi" or the stuffed ravioli before the main course: delicious meat dishes such as the classic suckling pig ("porceddu") or the more rustic goat or sheep goulash are waiting to be tasted. If you're still in the mood for sweets, you shouldn't miss the traditional seadas and sip a Mirto, a typical Sardinian liqueur, or a glass of Cannonau.

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A warm welcome! Gourmets are in the right place at Rifugio Gorropu.

Local specialities

The Restaurant Rifugio Gorropu takes you on a journey back in time – its authentic cuisine will enchant you. The menu offers local dishes typical of the Supramonte area. Don't miss the different types of fluffy focaccia with sheep's cheese, such as the "Coccone Grussa" or the "Casadine", as well as the specialities "maloreddus", a special kind of gnocchi, or the "anzelottos gulurzones", especially tasty stuffed ravioli. As a main course you can choose between suckling pig and various goat and sheep specialities. The typical Sardinian seadas, filled with cream cheese and honey, are particularly popular as a dessert. Accompanied by a glass of Mirto, a Sardinian liqueur or a glass of Canonau, the whole meal tastes even better!

Look forward to a taste experience of a very special, Sardinian kind!

Surroundings & Panorama

Are you looking for a suitable location for your very special occasion? The inviting terrace of the Agrotourimus Rifugio Gorropu near Dorgali offers the perfect ambience. Not only the sensational view, but also the excellent Sardinian specialities will convince you and your friends. Focaccia, homemade pasta, suckling pig and sheep goulash, grilled vegetables as a side dish and heavenly desserts are just some of the highlights on the menu. As wine we recommend the excellent Cannonau. If you are very hungry, you can order a complete menu with four or five courses. You may also find something for you in the seasonal dishes or in the chef's recommendations.

Excellent food overlooking the Barbagia plateau in the restaurant Rifugio Gorropu.